Saturday, November 12, 2016

One by One


Okay I'm like feeling real good today-- so I'm just gonna start out with a fun joke.
Why do missionaries have such big bladders??
Cause they only have one P-day.... ha.

Anywayyy, so ya, this week was like real good! Seriously flew by and so many miracles!

First things first, MLC on Wednesday was just the best day of my entire life. The training that I had to do went super well and the spirit throughout the whole meeting was so strong. There are so many amazing missionaries in our mission. We talked all about having faith to find people to teach, diligence and setting and accomplishing goals. It was just super awesome! Plus it was in Lethbridge!! Soooo many memories came flooding in... ha I know I haven't been gone from that place for too long, but it was still good to see everything again, ha and the wind was still there :)

Sister Dean-- she goes home at the end of this month so this was probs the last time seeing her in a while.

Ha so remember when I said that there are rabbits everywhere? Well we cornered this one to try and catch it.
ha 1 bunny vs. 4 elders... and the bunny still won. It was hilarious!

Exchanges with the lovely Sister Jones
 Seriously just so happy to see her... ha Papa Francis in the back :)

My mama :)


Reunited with the swaggin wagon

All of Sister Blake's comps (minus 2)

Some other fun things that happened this week! On Friday we had a lesson with this guy named Ian. He was a media referral and was super excited to meet with us! He told us that he had taken the lessons in Vancouver about a year ago and was on date for baptism and then his life kind of fell apart, so he dropped them. But he's moving to our area and is feeling so strongly that he needs to pick it up again. So we met with him, and he brought a friend! #blessed we talked with them both and they are both super excited to meet with us some more. They even came to our stake conference yesterday. It's awesome. And Ian has kids who are 15 and 8 who were taking the lessons as well, so they will be meeting with us sometime soon. We're real excited about that.

Then another miracle! Yesterday we met with this potential named Tashina-- we met with her a couple weeks ago and taught her the first lesson but she wasn't sure if she wanted us to keep teaching her. So we stopped by and she let us in and we got to share the Plan of Salvation with her. That went SUPER well! She completely opened up to us about losing her mom a year ago and that her brother recently committed suicide. So we were able to share with her that she'll be able to see them again and how they are in a better place right now and how God loves them so much. She was bawling throughout the whole thing (ha funny how as missionaries we think it's a success when people cry in the lessons) but ya, it was just great! Then she wants to meet with us next week as well! So we are definitely seeing that people have been prepared for us, and it's been a huge testimony builder for me of just how amazing the message that we share is. 

It's amazing that we know that there is life after this world and that we get to see our loved ones again. I just love being able to share that with people.

Yesterday we had stake conference and it was this cool broadcast from Salt Lake to all of Canada and the Central states. It was so good! They talked a ton about the temple- and Elder Rasband talked about how the Savior cares about the one. And how He does everything one by one. It was so so good! Oh, ha and Elder Durant gave a little shoutout to President and Sister Bateman in Missouri, and I just sat there thinking "hey I know them!" So that was pretty cool.

We ate with some really cute members on Halloween and they gave us a little goodie bag
since we had to stay in our apartment all night.

Ha some other cute members dropped by and gave us these cute cupcakes, the ward is so good to us here!

The one and only, kinder egg surprise. Remember these? Well they're still my favorite things.

The famous Seniore's Pizza!!

got a package from my cute family :) yay for Christmas music!

Hermana Briones. Unfortunately she is going home today, but we got to go over and say bye to her.
She is going to do some amazing things at home :)

Ha but probably the biggest miracle that happened this week. So recently we have been getting fed lasagna a lot... ha and me and Sister Shields talked about how we were just really craving a big ole steak. Ha so we may or may not have been praying for a steak dinner... but guess what! Last night at dinner we got fed steak!! ha tender mercies are real! #thelordcaresaboutthelittlethings!

So ya, seriously life is just so good! We get to do trainings in our zones that we cover this week and we are super pumped for that!
My life is good, really good!

Quote of the week: "If you want the Lord to guide your steps, you have to move your feet." -Sister Miles

Scripture of the week: Moroni 8:3-- I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.

Love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Ashley King

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