Thursday, June 2, 2016


Hey hey hey familia!
Okay this week went by crazy fast! Like x80 faster than last week!

First things first... on Tuesday we went to the best place in town to try poutine, the Piggyback Poutinerie.   Literally the grossest thing I have ever had. I would be all right if I never had to eat that ever again. Ha but the rest of Tuesday went really well. 

Poutine before and....

Poutine after  :(

President and Sister Miles were in Lethbridge, so Sister Miles asked us if she could tag along to a few lessons with us. We were pretty nervous but things ended up going really well. We taught Liz and Brad-- and both those lessons the spirit was so strong.  Sister Miles definitely brought a special spirit, it was great!

We had another weird day because MLC was on Wednesday and the STLs in Calgary are on a 3 leg and one of them isn't an STL so we got to have Sister Smartt with us for the day. That was really fun, she's adorable!   We also had the chance to go with Brad to ARP-- that's the addiction recovery program that the church offers. That was very eye-opening. That's one thing that I have loved so far is that I am having my eyes opened to things that I don't think I would have known if I hadn't come out on a mission. Addictions are so real and people struggle with them every day-- Brad is trying his best to not relapse so we are hoping and praying that he can stick with it.

showing Sister Smartt the Lethbridge high level bridge

When all your plans bail so you have nothing... that's just missionary work I guess. But somehow the Lord provides and we find things that we can do. Thursday was really fun because we were able to play basketball with Alex and Shane.  So there are like so many nonmembers and less actives that come and play basketball, perfect for us missionaries. And of course we get to play ball so what could be better?!? That is one of the perks of being a YSA missionary I guess. Made the game winning 3-pointer #nbd so that was pretty fun.

bball with the guys

Friday was a party! We met with this crazy less active that makes for fun stories, Oh and this week nobody knows why but we have just been blasted with anti's and atheist RMs... Seriously we stumbled upon at least 8 of them this week. At the beginning it was really hard but the more they come at us the more confident we are and now we're pretty much just used to it.  It's just so sad how many RMs come home and then just go completely inactive and even stop believing that there is a God. I know that I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and all His children. And that's pretty much all you can say to these people, but hey we got to bear our testimony a lot :) 

Oh, we also had this huge dodgeball tourney with like all the YSA wards in Lethbridge. That was a hoot! We weren't planning on playing but our team was lacking a little bit so we ended up playing. Ha and our ward isn't really known for being the most athletic... but hey we ended up winning the whole thing-- they say it was because us missionaries brought the extra spiritual power.
Dodgeball champs

Ha funny moment of the week was when me and Sister Blake were jamming out in the car (well as much as you can jam out to EFY music) and we were just having so much fun then we look over and this guy had been watching us for like 30 seconds... awkward! but that was really funny! We also had a fabulous lesson with Alex. We finalized all the plans for his baptism that is happening THIS SATURDAY!! We are so stoked! They announced it in church yesterday and we should have a pretty good turn out. Ha it's really cool how the Holy Ghost can change people because honestly me and Sister Blake are not very good teachers... but we just have to make sure that we bring the Spirit and the Spirit does the teaching. So ya, Alex is pumped for his baptism and his best friend  gets to baptize him the week before he leaves for his mission. isn't that so cute?? Also, to all my homies in Utah look out for an Elder Burdett. He is super awesome and he's coming to the Provo, Utah mission.

us with Bangoth (our ward missionary who literally does everything for us!)

We visited this guy in the old folks home and apparently he used to be like the world Champion Martial Arts Champion. His name is Blair Orr and he was friends with Elvis and Arnold Schwarzenegger and a bunch of cool people. He's a big deal.

The cutest little kids... jk jk this lady in our ward has an unusual hobby. She makes so many lifelike dolls. 
Like you walk into her living room and there are a bajillion children. 

Biking through the streets of Lethbridge
ps -the wind has been crazy lately and I would like to formally apologize to everyone in the city because pretty sure everyone has seen the G's....

Anyway, this week was great! I love being a missionary even though sometimes the days seem really long I know that I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing and learning the things that I am supposed to learn. 
Love you all!!

Sister King

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