Monday, September 5, 2016


Hello hello!! Coming to you live from downtown Calgary!!

So ya, on Thursday I was transferred from Lethbridge to Central Calgary (downtown) ha and seriously it is like a COMPLETELY different mission up here, but still so great! I am super excited! There is lots of potential here in this area!


We met this guy, Marshall, while we were contacting. He's homeless but he makes the most of it
and decorates his cart... ha definitely not the same as in Lethbridge

 My companion's name is Sister Madison Barlow. Fun story-- we were in the MTC together! So we've both been out for a little more than 6 months. She's from Farmington Utah and went to Davis High.

This pretty park with Sister Barlow, my new companion

Anyway, saying bye to all my Lethbridge peeps was actually a TON harder than I thought it would be! I seriously just love everyone there so much so it was sad to say goodbye. Saying bye to Ken and Linda... boy oh boy, that was difficult. But I'm gonna stay in close contact with them! Also, saying bye to Sister Burnside was super hard as well. My little baby is all grown up and getting a new companion and stuff. sad and happy day.

Lethbridge zone pics

​Saying bye to more of my peeps   1. Donna and Jim

2. Elizabeth

3. the Bettgers

4. the Maclennan's

Aron insisted that I send this to ya Dad!

Saying bye to our investigator Aron.

Last District Pics!!

2 of my favorite families--   1. the Heggies

and 2. The Traweeks.

Anyway, Downtown Calgary is seriously so different!! It reminds me a lot of like San Fran mixed with Salt Lake City. Pretty much I can describe the area to you in 2 words... STREET CONTACTING! Okay seriously, street contacting is like my favorite thing in the whole world so this is like my dream area! It's so great! We've already met a bunch of super interesting people. I'm serving in the Calgary 5th ward and I already know that I am going to love it here, the people here are just super nice to us. The past couple days that's really what we have been doing. Going and reaching out to the members and sharing a quick little message with them and getting the ball rolling in the missionary work. Lots of our time has been calling people off the ward list... the behind the scenes work of missionaries. It's very tedious but needs to be done. Also, the area is gi freakin normous! Oh and another fun fact... walking area!! Again my dream come true! Gonna walk off all that meat and potatoes we get fed :) 

Ha fun story of the week. Out contacting downtown and we start talking to this guy and he full on just starts swearing at us out of no where... ha we're just sitting there trying not to laugh. That's the neat thing though about serving here. If one person won't listen to you then you just turn around and talk to somebody else, it's so great! 

So ya, missin Lethbridge but just super excited about this new area and the potential here. It should be a good couple weeks :)
Love you all!!

quote of the week: "Don't you quit. You keep on walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead." -Holland

scripture of the week: D&C 12:8-- And no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love, having charity, being temperate in all things, whatsoever shall be entrusted to his care.

Sista King

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