Monday, February 27, 2017

"How many grams of sugar have you had today?"


Okay, first of all... WELCOME TO THE FAMILY LITTLE RAE BAUER!!! Seriously so stoked about life right now, congrats Kenzie and Colby!

Anyway, this week was great to say the least. We were going, going, going nonstop! It was great!
This week consisted of interviews with President, MLC, 2 exchanges, a baptism and just a bunch of fun stuff!
We had interviews on Tuesday-- that was really good! I just love the Miles' so so much! Plus during my interview President said that he was going to write a book... so when that book comes out y'all better read it cause it'll be fire, plus maybe since he got that revelation in my interview he'll dedicate it to me. Probs not but it's worth hoping.

Wednesday was MLC-- SUPER SOLID! We had some really good discussions. We didn't really have anything new, all of our trainings were just ones that we have had in the past, but it was still super good. He said that we need to continue with the things that we're learning and make sure we are doing well at that before we move onto something else-- so we talked about teaching repentance and baptizing converts, effective studies, patience and the Doctrine of Christ. It was just an awesome meeting. Plus I got to see all ma homies, so that was pretty chill.

We went on exchanges with Sister Poll and Sister Robison (the other sisters in Taber) and that was actually super fun! We definitely were able to see some miracles! So Sister Poll said that her whole mission she hasn't been able to pick up an investigator even though she's done lots of finding. So we said a super sincere prayer to be led to someone who is prepared for us. We made a list from their potential investigators in their area book then we headed out. We prayed and picked 2 names, we went to the first and got a return appointment with them :) then I really like to knock on the surrounding doors too-- so we did that and we got into this house with this cute Native couple. We ended up teaching the Restoration and they said that we could come back too :) MIRACLES PEOPLE!! Then we went to the second name-- ha she was NOT interested at all, but it's still good cause we knocked on the surrounding doors and ended up getting a return appointment with 2 other families!! Oh man it was such a solid day! After that we went to a baptism that some Elders in our district had.

Ashley Hofman. She's like our only youth in Vauxhall, we took her on splits with us to a couple lessons this week.

That night we went out and taught our investigator David. He is super solid! He is a mennonite but is dating a lady in our Vauxhall ward. We went and taught him the first lesson and he loved it! There is so much potential with him! The only thing that we are worried about is that his church doesn't really like us all that much and we're worried that they are going to start saying stuff to him... but the church is true and he has felt the spirit so we'll see what happens!

On Friday night we drove up to Lethbridge for our exchanges. I got to have Sister Barlow come here with me :) That was real fun! And we had a really, really good day. We met with the Neufelds and with our new investigator Na. OKay, Na is just the best! We gave her the Restoration pamphlet last time we talked to her and she went through it hard core and was marking things that she liked and answering all the questions in the back. It was just a really good lesson with her, she is so prepared to hear about this gospel it's ridiculous!

So pretty much it was a crazy week full of miracles! Ha one funny moment of the week was when we were over at the Neufeld's-- the oldest son, Abe, was talking to me and he said "Sister King, how many grams of sugar have you had today?" And I asked him why and he said "cause you're always laughing and smiling." Ha so that pretty much made my day cause it's true. I am happy and laughing all the time cause I'm so dang happy, but it's not from eating sugar :) It's from going and being able to make other people happy. Anyway, that was just a fun moment.

Exchanges with Sister Poll and Sister Robison

Exchanges with ma girl Sister Barlow :)\

Sister Taylor for the win. Sent me a tag, totally gonna keep it forever.


love her :)

Reunited with my fav. I don't like doing splits every Sunday... 

Tender Mercy of the week: yesterday at our supper appointment I was talking to Brother Williams and he told me all about the BYU vs Gonzaga game. Literally the best news :) So that was real fun!
ANYWAYY... hope that you all have a fantastic week! And happy March! Can you believe that February is almost over?!?

Quote of the week: "We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy." -Albus Dumbledore (heard this in church yesterday and thought it was great)

Scripture of the week: Alma 26:14-15 Yea, we have reason to praise him forever, for he is the Most High God, and has loosed our brethren from the chains of hell. Yea, they were encircled about with everlasting darkness and destruction; but behold, he has brought them into his everlasting light, yea, into everlasting salvation; and they are encircled about with the matchless bounty of his love; yea, and we have been instruments in his hands of doing this great and marvelous work.

Love you all and have a great week!

Sister King

Monday, February 20, 2017

525,600 minutes *cue Donny Osmond song

Howdy y'all!!!
Okay, so this week was like probably one of the best weeks of my entire mission-- I'm staying in Taber town with Sister Sims for another transfer! So pumped!

... but first things first-- BEEN A MISSIONARY FOR A WHOLE YEAR! WHAT IS LIFE?!? Fastest year ever. Probably the best year of my life too, cause spending all your time serving the Lord for a whole year... what could be better?!?
ANYWAYYY... so ya, this week really was just the best thing. So last week I told you that I had a renewed determination to go and find people to teach? Well... this week we picked up 8 new investigators! Ya, I said it... 8 NEW!! Seriously have no idea how we did it, like who even knew that there were 8 nonmembers in Taber? (jokes)
But ya... so lemme tell ya about all of them.

Celebrating 12 months as a missionary!! :)

Ha Sister Taylor is the best and somehow was able to send me a piece of cake to celebrate my year mark :)

When we were visiting Dixie and Paul somehow it came up that he used to wear wooden shoes at home...
so they went and got them for us.

So, Heddy. She's this lady that I lowkey stalked for a sec so that we could talk to her-- we may or may not have followed her in our car cause we felt like we should talk to her, but that's a whole different story. She gave us her address and we stopped by a couple times, but this last time we shared the restoration with her. She loved it and said that we could come back next week and share the next lesson. Solid.

Maria. Okay so the other night our appointment canceled on us and we were going to stop by a less active but then I just felt like there was somewhere that we needed to be. It was real weird. So we said a prayer to see where we should be, and we felt impressed to go knock some doors in this one area-- which is super weird cause it was kinda late and we haven't had a lot of success from tracting, but we went with the spirit cause the Lord knows better than us right? And we ended up knocking on this door and a lady answered. She said that she was busy and to come back the next day, so we did. She is the mother of 5 kids and their whole family has been church hopping to try and find somewhere that they like. Perfect. So we shared the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon and she was super excited to meet with us again!

Eric and Arlene. So the other day we walked out of our apartment and there was a moving truck, so we stopped by and asked if we could help. We ended up talking with this cute couple for a bit and they said that we could come back-- which was super cool cause right before we left the apartment we had no idea where we needed to go and then boom, a moving truck at our next door neighbors house. Anyway, we went back and shared the Restoration with them, and they just ate it up. They are this cute Filipino family and they just loved our view on families. And they said that they would love for us to come back as well! MIRACLES PEOPLE!!

Paul and Dixie. So, we were looking through our area book and came across some potentials-- ie Paul and Dixie. We called them and set up an appointment. They are this cute older couple from Yugoslavia, we ended up teaching them the Plan of Salvation-- they loved that as well. We set up another appointment with them and are going back this week :)

Na. We have been meeting with this less active for a bit and then all of a sudden she told us that she was moving and then changed her phone number. Ha weird right? But anyway, we went to her apartment complex to see if she was there, and it was true she did move. So we decided to knock on all the doors to see if anybody knew where she went. At the last door that we knocked on this cute Chinese lady answered, ha her 2 year old son actually answered the door and he was buck naked, but that's irrelevant. So we asked her if she knew where our less active had moved to and she didn't know, but then we gave her our little sch-peel about being missionaries and stuff and she said that we could come back and share a message with her too. We went and saw her on Saturday and taught her the Restoration and again, she loved it and said that we should teach her more :) 

David. So at church out in Vauxhall yesterday I noticed somebody that I hadn't seen before with a lady in our ward (not very hard to notice new people in Vauxhall cause it's so small), so I went up and talked to them and found out that they were dating and that he had lots of questions about our church... score! We were on splits yesterday so I ended up giving him a condensed version of the Restoration and what we do as missionaries and then we set up an appointment with him for this week too...

So ya... ha miracles are definitely happening!! Have no idea where this came from, the Lord is preparing these people and we just happened to find them all this week. It was pretty cool. So our teaching pool of investigators tripled this week. We're just so happy and so busy. The only thing that can describe how we're feeling right now would be in the words of Phil Robertson... "happy, happy, happy!"

Oh, ha we also slaughtered a hog on Saturday. NBD.
But ya, there are so many things happening and I'm just so happy that I get to stay in Taber with Sister Sims and hopefully see some more miracles! The Lord really is preparing people for us, it's just in His timing, we just need to try our best to have the spirit so that we know where/how to find them :)

Scripture of the week: (it's very fitting cause my year mark was on 2/17 and pretty much describes my life for the past year) Mosiah 2:17-- And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

Quote of the week: "It is extremely important for you to believe in yourselves, not only for what you are now, but for what you have the power to become." -Neal A. Maxwell

Love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Sister King :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tractin in Taber Town

Hey so I miss you guys and everything but this thing where the time keeps getting faster and faster is really bumming me out... like it's going wayyyy too fast. 

This week has been a really good one!
Just some of the things that we did!

On Tuesday we drove to Medicine Hat for their zone training meeting-- Sister Sims and I got to train on the Sacrament. That was SUPER awesome! What better thing to talk about than the sacrament and the Savior?! On the way home we stopped at this drive-in, looked a little sketch but it was actually really good! Diners, drive-ins and dives maybe?! 

Wednesday we had our zone training meetings in both of our Lethbridge zones-- those went really well too. We got to have a discussion about the mission broadcast a couple weeks ago, all about teach repentance and baptize converts. That went really well. We were a little nervous cause our whole training was just a discussion, but everybody participated so that was good!

Went bowling for P-day last week... killed it!

Found my brother in the mission. Elder King :)

Helena gave us this recipe for cookies...
I think they look more like chicken nuggets but they still tasted good.

Ha. Brother Chris Rogers. He's this old British guy who is in our Vauxhall ward, he got admitted into the hospital and we went to see him this week. Never laughed so hard in my entire life!

Exchanges with Sister Halliday-- don't ask me why there's a pumpkin. Also, she goes home this week... super weird!!

So the Neufeld children had a baking competition and they wanted me and Sister Sims to judge it... that was a party! These kids really are the cutest! Oldest to youngest: Abe, Nancy, Peter, Pancho and Isaac. Love em to death!

Okay so knocking on doors is one of my least favorite things in the whole world-- maybe it has to do with the fact that we got chased off by a dog this week... ha but that was actually super funny. Anyway, Sister Sims and I decided that from here on out we are going to make a concerted effort to tract for at least 30 minutes every day. But we're going to make it the most effective by praying for where we need to be. So we tried that out this week. And holy cow, ha the Lord really is in His work! So we felt like we should go to this specific area and we knocked on maybe 10 doors. Out of those 10 doors we have 3 potential families that told us that we could come back, an old lady who said we could come share a message with her and we ended up knocking on one of our less actives that we haven't been able to talk to... he said that we could come back too. HA and this happened all in about 45 minutes-- it was pretty cool.

Another cool story from knocking this week- so we've been working with this girl named Emily, she told us that she was moving but that she didn't know her address yet cause it was super last minute. So she moved and now her phone doesn't work... she pretty much dropped off the face of the planet and we have no idea where to find her. BUT we went to her old place- it's this little four-plex and we decided to knock on the other apartments to see if they knew where she was. Ha we got the door slammed twice but the last door we knocked on this cute Chinese lady answered the door. Her name is Na and we talked to her, she didn't know where Emily was but she did say that we could come back! So we set up an appointment with her for this Thursday. That was pretty cool.

This upcoming week should be pretty good cause we're meeting with all these super solid potential investigators, we're pretty excited about it.

Oh, ha on Wednesday we picked up 2 new investigators!! This kid named Luke works with our Ward Mission Leader's wife, and one day he just came up to her and said that he wanted to learn more about Mormonism... ha so we gave him a call and met with him. But get this, he brought a friend as well, Brady. And he said that he just came along for the ride but he ended up asking lots of questions and being super interested! We taught them the restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon and they both agreed to meet with us this week! So that was pretty dang cool!

So on Saturday night our phone was buzzing off the hook.. all these members were texting us cause SISTER SIMS' SISTER IS ENGAGED! So that was pretty fun! Ha even though I don't really know them, I feel like I do cause I mean I'm with Sister Sims all the time... but that was kinda some exciting news!
Anyway, transfers are this week... hoping that I get to stay another one here with Sister Sims-- we've got so much work going on here I need to be a part of it. I'll let you know what happens :)

Quote of the week: "Although His time is not always our time, we can be sure that the Lord keeps his promises." -Henry B. Eyring

Scripture of the week: D&C 121:7-8 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; and then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.

Love you all so much! :) Have a fabulous week!

Sister King

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Milked a cow...NBD

That cow-- I milked it.
Okay so I guess not a whole lot happened this week... well actually a ton happened. We were going nonstop the entire week and yet it flew by and I can't entirely remember what we did.
Oh ya, I milked a cow this week. So I can cross that off the ole bucket list. Also, I'm okay with not ever doing it again.

This week we had to drive up to Calgary for MLC. The drive up there was the worst. Sitting in a car for two and half hours is the last thing I want to do as a missionary. But it was fun to be up in Calgary for the day. MLC is always good. We just talked a lot about the changes in the schedule. Afterwards, President and Sister Miles let Sister Sims and I come to the mission home before we headed back to Taber. Then they just invited us to stay for dinner. So that was a blast! I sure do love the Miles. Plus I got to see Sister Taylor-- so that was pretty chill.

My girl Sister Taylor :) ps. she gave a fabulous training at MLC!

 Dinner with P. Miles and S. Miles-- love them to death. 

On Thursday we got to go to the Cardston Temple! It was such a good day, I just love being in the Lord's house. The Cardston temple is pretty unique looking. Both on the outside and in the inside. It was pretty cool. 

On Saturday night, a member put together this dinner out in the small town of Enchant with a bunch of part-member families and invited us to go too. It was at this little Chinese restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Lets just say that it wasn't the best food I've ever had. But we have so many potentials from that night! We are pumped. 

Last night we had a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader during the super bowl. First of all, I had no idea it was super bowl Sunday, weird. But we got there right at the end of the game and were having our meeting right during over time. Well, lets just say that our ward mission leader's son was a pretty big Pats fan. Lots of celebrating and yelling in the living room. Best correlation ever!

Still working with different investigators....

There was no snow two days ago. We woke up this morning to a foot. I can't wait until the next chinook... seriously the chinooks are pretty much the best thing ever.

Yesterday at church I was out in Vauxhall-- we have to do splits like every Sunday cause or Vauxhall ward is at 10 and the Taber ward is at 9... ha some lady got up and bore her testimony about her "Vauxhall experience" and it's so true. That really is the only way to describe Vauxhall, but I love it out there.

Quote of the week: "I'll tell ya. Collectively, as a mission, I think we could eat a few less burritos." -President Miles. Yep. Pres called the mission fat... ha

a more spiritual quote of the week: "The Lord knows who we really are, what we really think, what we really do, and who we really are becoming." -Elder Bednar

Scripture of the week: Moroni 8:3-- I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.

Love you all and hope that you have a great week. Oh and special shoutout to Mama and Papa King-- happy anniversary :) (or in the words of dad-- anni-very-sorry)

Sister King

Cardston temple


.... had a hard time keeping my eyes open. It was a real struggle.
I too decide to ski to school... cause why not?!

Bro. Anderson made us these cute maple leaves with our name on them

Sister Simsy

I heard this thing that if you lick a gum rapper and put in on your forehead for a while it'll burn...
so we tried it during weekly planning this week. It works.

Face mask from Lacizzle and Lyndizzle

For Christmas Sister Taylor's mom sent me some Korean face masks--
I'm thinking of moving to Korea now. Sister Sims was a monkey and I was a fox.

So Lacy and Lyndie are the cutest and sent me a package this week, it included my favorites...
Peanut butter M&Ms and some face masks.