Thursday, March 30, 2017

Taber's Got Talent

Hello lovely familia!!!
This week has been absolutely awesome! First of all, the weather has been great! It reached +17 and it was sunny... that means NO TIGHTS!!! So pretty much that's the best news ever.

We have had a really good week this week!! So I guess that main thing that went down was that we had our ward talent night. This is something that me and Sister Sims proposed in Ward Council like a month ago and we finally got to do it! So me and Sister Sims pretty much had to plan and prepare like EVERYTHING... but that is a-okay!! Cause it was awesome!! We had some really fun talents from people in the ward and there was some really cool art and things displayed as well. We originally planned to have it so that we could get our investigator families to come out to the church. THEY ALL CAME!!! Major success! Na and her son came, the Friessens came as well as the Neufelds-- they sang "I am a Child of God" with us... it was pretty cute,  not gonna lie. There were a couple tears shed from people in the audience, so we knew we had done well :) It really was a huge success-- they said that they were going to make it an annual thing for their ward cause it went so well.

Ha so we were out in Vauxhall this week and one of our appointments canceled on us. So we knocked some doors and it was really cool cause we knocked on the doors that we felt prompted to and literally every one that we knocked on ended up being good for us somehow. We met this guy amed Rod,who has like hundreds of Alpacas and we started talking to him about religion and stuff. Talked to him for a solid 10 minutes then he gave us his number and said that we should come out and talk some more with him. That was chill.

Then we got some other return appointments with some Mennonite families. Vauxhall is just packed with Mennonites. It's awesome. We just need to crack open and baptize one of them and then they'll all follow... so we're working on that. 

Oh ha I almost forgot!!! We went to Waterton this week! That was awesome! There was still quite a bit of snow there and the town was almost completely shut down, so we were like the only ones there. It was awesome. We got to walk around the lake and just be in the mountains. Man I miss those Utah mountains. 

We went on another exchange this week with Sister Messick and Sister Barlow. That was super awesome! Me and Sister Messick had a super solid day. We got to see some of my favorite people and even meet a couple of new ones that the sisters are working with that we tried to work with when I was in that area. We had an awesome lesson with this part-member couple. We talked all about repentance, forgiveness and the Atonement. They cried. It was awesome. Ha I hope that's not weird that I like when our people cry cause then you can tell that the spirit is really working with them.

HELENA!!! Oh she is doing so well! We got to see her yesterday and we talked to her about the talent show-- she absolutely loved it! The ward did such a good job of taking her in and loving her, I think that was exactly what she needs to feel. It was the saddest thing ever yesterday when I told her that I could possibly be getting transferred this week. She said "that hurts deep in my heart..." and I just sat there like "I know!! I feel you!" I just love her and that family so much.

The McClennans!!!! aka my favorite people ever-- also they will be in Utah this weekend :)

homemade pepperoni

homemade sausage... welcome to Vauxhall

When you drive 30 minutes out of Taber to your appointment and they aren't there.

Learned to play the accordion.

family pictures with the Neufelds

oh so close to the border.....

Andersons-- he made me a rocking chair... he also had me try on this thing that they wear in India

Women's conference was just the best thing of my whole life. Made me so excited for conference. It was cool how like all the talks focused on how we can keep our lives "centered on Christ." So ya, we're just pumped to hear more next week! Hopefully we'll get to hear something from Pres. Monson but it's cool to remember that it doesn't matter how long he speaks, it just matters that we he says gets listened to.

ANYWAYYYY! So yes, transfers are coming up this week. We find out tomorrow night what will be happening but it's about that time where I think I'll be heading. Who knows though?!?

So ya, life is good. Things are happening. The Book of Mormon Is true. Casey is pregnant. I love this gospel so much!

Hope that you all have a good, safe week!!

Kill it in NYC blabbs and mom-- take lots of pics!

Scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 4:33--And their hearts were swollen with joy, unto the gushing out of many tears, because of the great goodness of God in delivering them out of the hands of their enemies; and they knew it was because of their repentance and their humility that they had been delivered from an everlasting destruction
Quote of the week: "because you are His child, you not only need Him, but He needs you." -Rosemary Wixom

Love you lots!!!

Sister King

Saturday, March 25, 2017

This little pig went wee, wee, wee.... literally!


Seems like I was emailing you guys just yesterday... the time is cruising by!

This past week has been super awesome! We've had lots of good lessons and we have a couple potential investigators that we're going to meet up with this week, so that's been real good.
Sister Sims took a little tumble in the snow... obviously I had to take a picture.

After getting pooped on by a pig

Helena had me try on her wedding dress.... yes wedding dress. That's what the Mennonite's get married in.

Exchanges with Sister Grange :)

Baby goats

Sister Sims lost at what are the odds and had to buy a puzzle with my face on it

Na and Adam :)

Chickens... they smell too

Just casually carrying a pig

All the pigs. In order from left to right: Wilbur, Ginger, Niglet and Simmy. (Mine was the fattest)

We've been able to have some good lessons with our investigators-- We saw Na twice this week and she is doing great! She is having a baby that is due at the end of May (just about when Casey is due :) She is so receptive to literally anything that we have to say because she "feels it's true" I love that!! We were able to get a hold of a mandarin Book of Mormon and pamphlets and she was super excited about that. She just reads and reads and reads. When we asked her to read the Book of Mormon we said that she didn't have to read it all right now and she just looked at us and said that she "reads mandarin better and should be able to finish it" HOW GOLDEN IS SHE?!?!? I love her lots!!

H and her kids are doing really well! We're having a ward talent night tomorrow and we have convinced them to come and sing a song with us... they're pretty excited about it. We asked them what song they wanted to sing and they said I am a Child of God. Ha so that's what we'll be singing. Pretty excited to have them come... not super excited to sing in front of everyone but hey if it helps someone come closer to Christ I guess I can do it right?!

Ha so Shawna got some pigs this week and needed a little help out with her animals... that was a party. First of all... pigs smell gross... like awful. And when I was carrying one it decided it would be a good time to go to the bathroom. Got it all over me. NASTY! But it was pretty funny. Dad would have been proud, handled it like a champ.
We were able to meet with Jen this week too-- haven't been able to see her for a while cause life has just been real busy. But we had a good lesson with her, we read some of the Book of Mormon with her. It was actually pretty cool cause when we were planning when to see her we both felt like we should do Thursday morning... so we did. And we got to meet her husband. So that was pretty cool. It's amazing how the Lord is involved in every aspect of the work, down to the planning.
We got to go on exchanges this week with Sister Grange and Sister Leonard. I got to have Sister Grange come here with me and that was awesome! She is the cutest! Plus I served around her when I was in Calgary so it was like a cute little family reunion. I love exchanges!!

So yesterday we went on splits so that we could go to both of our wards. Our investigator David was out in our Vauxhall ward and wanted us to have a lesson during Sunday school... so I got to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ all by myself. It was weird. Good thing the spirit is the senior companion or else that lesson would have been a complete gong show. But it went really well-- prayer works. But I definitely prefer teaching with someone.
ANYWAYYYY long story short this week has been really good! Our tender mercy of the week  happened yesterday. So ever since I got to Taber we have been trying to find this less active guy in our ward, yesterday we went out and knocked some doors and we just so happened to knock on his and he said that we could come back and share a message!! It's the little things.

I love being a missionary. I love Taber. I love Sister Sims. I love the people here. My life is good... really good.

Sorry you're probably bored, but miracles are happening!!

Scripture of the week: D&C 10:4-5 Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided for you to translate (insert any challenge ever); but be diligent unto the end.Pray always, that you may come off conqueroryea, that you may conquer Satan, and that you may escape the hands of the servants of Satan that do uphold his work.

Quote of the week: "Whatever the cost of repentance, it is swallowed up in the joy of forgiveness." -Elder Christofferson

Love you all! Hope that you are all getting as excited as I am for conference!
Have a great week!

Sister King :)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Crazy busy in Taber


So I can honestly say this week I have been the most tired of my entire mission... ha but also I've been the happiest too. Funny how that works. But ya, this week was jam packed full of lots of fun stuff! And we are having some investigators that are really progressing, so that is awesome as well.

 On Tuesday we had dinner out in Vauxhall with one of our Mennonite investigators and his girlfriend in our ward.  We had dinner then taught the Plan of Salvation-- that went really well! One thing that I noticed is that we have been teaching that lesson a TON and yet every time I teach it is reconfirmed to me just how true it is. So that was pretty fun.

Plus the Young Men in our ward organized a basketball night with the Sister Missionaries-- so we played ball with all the young men in our ward-- obviously me and Sister Sims gave them a run for their money, it was really fun.

We had zone conference this week and that was stellar. We talked a lot about getting the youth involved and how we need to try real hard with the young single adults and try to teach them right now. It was pretty cool. Plus we had a really good discussion on the Atonement. We all read Elder Maxwell's talk Testifying of the Great and Glorious Atonement. That is a great talk, I would highly suggest reading it. Ha me and Sister Sims had to train as well-- that went well. We got to talk about planning.... ha my favorite thing. No but it did go really well.

The rest of the week was pretty crazy. We had to get our car fixed and right after zone conference we did exchanges. We had the sisters from Brooks with us, we brought them both to our area-- which is super fun but also lots of work cause we pretty much have to plan for another day here in Taber Town, but it went well. We had some really good lessons and had lots of fun. Right after our exchange with the Brooks Sisters we headed to Lethbridge for exchanges with some Sisters there. That was awesome!! I got to go with Sister Frandsen and it was pretty much the best thing of my entire life. So get this, we went to a baptism on Saturday and I walked in and saw Liz... girl that I was working with in Lethbridge. She hasn't been having a real hard time lately but she felt like she needed to go to this random baptism... She ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug and started crying. It was the best day ever. So I got to talk to her about life and everything, just the best! Love that lady, tender mercies are so real!

We were able to take Helena on a church tour this week as well. That was awesome! She's been taught by missionaries for a while but has never been able to be inside of an LDS church... she ended up bringing all of her kids and we walked around and it was great. We had a little lesson in the chapel about what the sacrament is and that was the most quiet I have ever seen those kids be. They all said that it felt peaceful in there. Then, the little 5 year old asked "Is this how the temple feels?"... oh it was golden. The Spirit was so strong. I love that family so much. So ya, this week was real good.

 Daylight savings was killer... ha especially cause Sister Sims got a little confused. She woke up at 4:30 and started getting ready. It was hilarious. ANYWAYYY.  Life is good. I love it here and the time is flying by way too fast.

 Love you all and hope that you all have a great week :)

 Scripture of the week: D&C 6:13 If thou wilt do good, yea, and hold out faithful to the end, thou shalt be saved in the kingdom of God, which is the greatest of all the gifts of God; for there is no gift greater than the gift of salvation.

 Quote of the week: "Don't give up when the pressure mounts. Face your doubts. Master your fears." -Elder Holland

Sister King

 ps I would read D&C section 6. It's killer :)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Another crazy week in Taber town....

Hey familia!

Another crazy week down here in Taber town!! We've been real busy lately, which is the best thing in the entire world.

Tuesday we were in Medicine Hat cause we had to train out there at that zone training meeting, on the way home we stopped by and had a BOMB lesson with H. She is progressing so much! She wants to be baptized and come to church so badly, but we're still working on her husband. But God is a God of miracles, so it will happen we just need to be patient :)


Wednesday we spent the day in Lethbridge cause we had both of our ZTM's there. Plus it was Sister Sims' birthday!!!!! So that was a party. Seriously have never had so much dessert in my entire life. Ha that's what I get for trying to embarrass Sister Sims-- I kept telling everyone that her birthday was coming up so we got like 50 cakes and stuff... why people think they should give 2 sister missionaries a whole cake is ridiculous... ha but don't worry, we've been regifting :)

(when you are having your 4th dessert of the day...........)

Ha this is for you mom-- how I really feel about cats!

My girl Miley

Miley and Alexis... aka the cutest girls in the whole world.

The birthday celebration was real :)

Exchanges with Sister Russell-- she's only been in the field for 2 weeks and is killing it!!

I loved the training that we got to do with one of the Lethbridge zones-- we just got to talk all about patience. In PMG there is a section on patience and we just matched up some of our favorite scriptures about patience with each sentence:
"Patience is the capacity to endure delay, trouble, opposition, or suffering withough becoming angry, frustrated, or anxious." -- D&C 123:17
"It it the ability to do God's will and accept His timing." --Mosiah 24:15
"When you are patient, you hold up under pressure and are able to face adversity calmly and hopefully." --Alma 34:40-41
"Patience is related to hope and faith-- you must wait for the Lord's promised blessings to be fulfilled." --Alma 17:11
"You need patience in your everyday experiences and relationships, especially with your companion." -- D&C 98:26
"You must be patient with all people, yourself included, as you work to overcome faults and weaknesses." --Alma 26:27

So ya, patience is just real important and I was happy that we were able to train on it because I learned so much for myself!

We were also able to go on exchanges with Sister Zimmerman and Sister Russell. We brought them both to our area, and it was a super solid day.We had a couple of appointments fall through bit such is missionary life right? So we just kept on working and it was great!

We had a really good lesson with or investigator Na this week. She is so solid. She's from China and doesn't really have a religious background at all-- we taught her the plan of salvation this week and she just loved it. She has a 2 year old son and is expecting another one, so she loves that we talk about how families can be together forever. It's great. Ha when we were getting ready to leave she asked us if we had another book that she could read (the pamphlets) cause she was so excited to learn more. So we gave her the gospel of Jesus Christ one and she was so excited, it was adorable.

We were able to have supper with Helena this week as well. Her whole family came over to our ward mission leader's house and we had a good meal then we taught a lesson. It was great. That family is golden-- I could go on about how much I love them. 

So ya, this week has been really good. We get to have zone conference this week so that will be real fun.

Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 2:25-- Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy.

Quote of the week: "The impressions on the soul that comes from the Holy Ghost are far more significant than a vision. It is where the spirit speaks to spirit and the imprint upon the soul is far more difficult to erase." -- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week.

Sister King :)