Monday, June 27, 2016

Calga-rainy days!

HELLO!!! How in the world is it already Pday?!? This week has literally flown by!

Rain for dayzzzz!

We had so many great lessons this week! We had a bomb lesson with this guy named Brian. He is one of Alex's friends and he has dread locks and he's just super cool. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he just ate it all up. The fact that we get to share this message with people who have never heard it before is crazy! Like not knowing why we are here on earth and where we go after we die-- we are so so lucky that we have the knowledge that we will see our loved ones after we die and that there is life after death. It's been very humbling to teach it to people that have no idea... don't take that knowledge for granted! 

We also were able to meet with this former investigator. Her name is Mavis and she is adorable! She's like 75 and she is such a go getter. She has a huge garden in her backyard so we're going to help her with that. She has the most amazing backyard. I'll be sure to send a picture the next time we are over there. 
We picked up a new gator this week! Her name is Karen and she has been taught by so many missionaries but we stopped by this week and she said that she wanted us to come back and teach her some more. SCORE! She is super awesome, but also super old. Ha lots of the people that we are teaching are like pretty old-- but hey we love the old people!

We had a bunch of lessons with less actives this week. But that is super awesome! We also did a fair amount of tracting this week. Ha and of course the day that we chose to do it was the day that it decided to down pour. But tracting in the rain is actually like super fun! Everything is so green and pretty and people are a lot nicer to you if you're out in the rain. 

We had this really cool lesson with our less active Desiray. We have met with her a bunch and this past time she asked if she could have a priesthood blessing to help her stop smoking. We called a guy in the ward to come and it turns out that he used to be a very heavy smoker... so we definitely called him because of inspiration. It was such a powerful lesson and she is doing so good! 

Ha so we met with this girl named Notando. She just moved into our ward and she has got to be the coolest person in the entire world. She is from Zimbabwe and speaks 5 languages. One of them is that cool language where you just hear a bunch of clicks... ha it's so sick! 

Justin (Judith's brother) came to church yesterday. So that was probably the highlight of our week. He and Judith are doing really well and we'll meet with them again this week and hopefully help them progress even more. I just love this! There is so much going on and even when our appointments fall through (saturday we had 5 fall through) the Lord still provides and we find productive things to do. Sorry if this email is like super jumbled but it was such a good week for us gingers here in Lethbridge... I guess you could say that the work is on fire ;)

Anyway, love you lots and hope that you all have a fantastic week! This gospel is so true and sharing it with people everyday is the coolest experience of my entire life!

Sister King
 This is what happens when the zone leaders do car inspections and you leave your camera in the car. (Elder Henry and Elder Pervis)

We met this super sweet lady named Carol, and she crocheted us these adorable matching beanies!

We went to a Ladie's Luncheon (all the older ladies in our ward get together once a month) and this is Sister Spencer. No joke, she reminds me EXACTLY of Grandma King and she looks like Great Grandma Shaum!

This is Dwight. Every once in a while we will go and sing some songs to him. He has MS but still has the strongest testimony-- love him!

So apparently there's something wrong with Canada... they don't have Capri Suns! And who knew that I would miss them so much. haha so a member went down to the states and brought some back for me :)

Sister Hansen-- the lady we read the bible with on Sundays. We finished reading Isaiah and I went to give her a high 5 and she had never done one before... haha so I taught her what it was and gave her her first high five.

NOTANDO!!! (also have you heard the song Bailando? Cause every time I hear her name I sing it to that song)

It was such a good week for us gingers here in Lethbridge... I guess you could say that the work is on fire ;)

We love Member Emails!

We got this email from some members in Lethbridge last night.  It warms our hearts to know there are wonderful members supporting our favorite missionary!!

I bet you recognize these two wonderful missionaries!!  We love them. They ALWAYS look like they do in this picture.  Big happy smiles!  They are doing great. We have them coming again soon for supper. If there is ever anything you would like us to do for them please don't hesitate to ask. 
Have a wonderful week. Jack & Karen Oviatt 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Cana dad's day!

Hello!! First of all, dad-- HAPPY DAD'S DAY!! I love you so much!

This week has been awesome! Sister Burnside is just the best! She was doing a lot better this week. Throughout the day I've been trying so hard to just keep her busy so she can't think about home... so that's really good. But night time and the mornings are pretty hard. But she is so strong and has so much faith so that is good. She is definitely helping my testimony grow. 

Nothing super crazy happened this week. Just an awesome week of being a missionary. We had some great lessons with some less actives in our family ward. This one girl, Des, she has such a strong testimony but her health isn't all there and she is a heavy smoker. We had a lesson with her this week and I don't know what it is but the spirit was so strong! She was just bawling the whole time and at the end of the lesson I felt like I should ask her if she wanted a priesthood blessing-- I had asked her that maybe 3 times before and she always just flat out said no... but this time it was different. She sat there for like 2 minutes in silence and just weeping. Then she said "yes I think it's time." BOOM-- spirit was hecka strong! So crazy! So we are really excited about that.

We also had a super solid lesson with the Thompsons. They are this cute old couple that have lots and lots of health challenges but the are just so adorable! We taught them the plan of salvation and they just ate it up. They told us that they would be at church on Sunday (ha we told them we were teaching Gospel Principles just to give them a little more incentive... but hey it worked!) Ken was able to make it to church however Linda was sick so she couldn't make it. bummer. We're going to meet with them this upcoming week and that should be really good. 

We also had a fabulous lesson with Justin and Judith. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went so well. They are reading the Book of Mormon and loving it. They are hard core Catholics so I feel like the Book of Mormon is going to be the main thing that will help in their conversion. But they are just so awesome! 

We also were able to meet with this lady named Frankie. I don't know if I have said anything about her but she has such a cool story! She is 89 years old and living in Magrath. Her baptism was scheduled for May 12 but for some reason she felt like she should move it 2 weeks earlier-- the spirit is real. She got baptized and then the day after she had a stroke and is now in St. Michael's, this old folks home, so we get to teach her the recent convert lessons. She is adorable and I'll try to take a picture with her the next time we have a lesson with her. But how cool is that? Baptized 2 weeks earlier then having a stroke... amazing!

We also did exchanges at the end of this week. I stayed in Lethbridge with Sister Trimble and Sister Burnside went out to Taber with Sister Brown. Ha not gonna lie totally had separation anxiety from my little baby. Missed her a lot. Sister Trimble is the cutest though! We had a really good time while she was here! 

Yesterday I thought that I was going to be super homesick but prayers are answered and we were so busy that I really didn't have time to think about home. Also, Alex received the priesthood yesterday! Ha when we were in sacrament meeting and Bishop asked for "those in favor of this ordination" ... or whatever he said my hand went straight up. It was so fun! Our little teddy bear is growing up and getting the priesthood and stuff. So proud! He also is going to get his temple recommend sometime soon so that will b e super exciting-- we might be able to go with him to the temple! 
But don't worry Papa King-- last night we took a couple minutes before bed and just talked about our fathers. I really lucked out that's for sure!

Anyway, this week was great! I love all the people here in Lethbridge and I'm so happy that I get to stay here for another 3 months with Sister Burnside. Things are looking up and the work is great! 
Thought of the week: "you were given this life because you were strong enough to live it." -Neal A. Maxwell

Love you all, 
Sister King
 Everything is turning green! So so pretty. The fields go on for days!

This is Juno... a family in our ward let us take a family picture with her... the second sweetest dog in the world (behind Sadie obvi)

Washing the car for car inspections-- we passed, don't even worry!

So our apartment is a freakin meat locker! So so cold! Just doing our 12 week but all bundled up!

Where would we be in life without gross selfies?

When you get a 10 on housing inspections #crushedit

Monday, June 13, 2016

One Ginger Just Wasn't Enough!

Family!!! Hello! Can I just say that this week has been the craziest week of my entire life?!? First of all, Waterton was absolutely beautiful! I loved it! It was so good to hike and be in the mountains. I miss my Utah mountains so I felt right at home! But also-- got crazy sunburned... This week I will be investing in some strong sun screen and aloe vera.

 Anyway, the whole beginning of the week was devoted to teaching the people that we are the closest with because Sister Blake had to say her goodbyes to all of them. That was really fun! It was also really sad because literally every person that we were saying goodbye to started crying because they loved Sister Blake so much! That just goes to show you how much of an influence she was around here-- and just how loving the people here are too.

 On Wednesday we drove up to Calgary to pick up my baby. It was so crazy because on Tuesday night I had this really weird dream that I got a redheaded companion. So we walked in where all of the new missionaries were and I saw that there were 2 gingers. I just knew that one of them would be mine! And I was totally right!

 My new companion's name is Sister Burnside and she is from Sandy, Utah-- and just happens to be a fire redhead! I love it! I already love her so much and she's one of the cutest girls I have ever met. She is a hardcore Irish dancer (so thanks Mom for helping me know who Michael Flatley is because that broke the ice for sure) and she's also just so excited about the work! I am so pumped that I get to train her because honestly she came pre-trained... really I'm doing nothing! We have already gotten so many comments about our hair it's ridiculous. But it's a really good conversation starter that's for sure!

GINGER POWER!! (except next to to Sister Burnside I honestly don't look like a redhead)

 It was extremely hard to so goodbye to sister Blake at transfers-- I know that she's going to do good wherever she goes and whoever she is with. Love her so much!

 This week has been full of some of the highest and lowest points of my mission so far. ON SATURDAY WE GOT TO SHAKE HANDS WITH PRESIDENT NELSON!! Words cannot even describe how incredible that experience was. Our mission is so dang spoiled! We met Elder Christofferson, and now President Nelson, we have 2 temples in our area-- we even got to have zone conference in the temple, and we have cars-- we choose when we want to bike. really though feeling so blessed right now!

 So back to President Nelson. He has got to be the cutest, sweetest, most hilarious old guy in the entire world. That meeting was so fun and funny, but also super spiritual (if you would have been there you would have known that it was good just by looking at me-- the tears were definitely flowing!) But really, it was so good. We heard from Elder Suarez (presidency of the seventy) and his wife and also Elder Bassett (member of the seventy) and his wife, along with President and Sister Nelson. There were so many wonderful things that were spoken. It's cool to see the apostles as their true selves... like President Nelson is hilarious. Among the things that he said he said one thing that I thought was just hilarious. He wanted to know where we were all from so he named off different continents and we stood up when he called ours... he forgot about Asia. Then he said "God loves the Chinese! That's why he made so many of them!!" Maybe it was a "had to be there" moment but he was hilarious. He said that he believed in instant repentance. So funny. He talked a lot about the Atonement and the Book of Mormon. So pretty much they are real important.

 We had a women's conference later that day where Sister Nelson spoke to us, then yesterday we had another conference where Elder Bassett came and spoke to the Stake, then that night there was a YSA conference. So pretty much we are all conferenced out... but it was all super good. Being a missionary is such a blessing! I love you all so much and we really are doing so well-- life goes on even when it's hard.

 Love, Sister Ashley King
We went to Waterton last P-day!

The great Blair Orr... many of his opponents would call him Blechhh Orr-- but he IS THE GREAT BLAIR ORR
got to hold 2 week old puppies. HEAVEN IS REAL!
Apparently the Lethbridge wind hasn't taken effect on Sister Burnside yet. Give it 2 days.

Just love this girl a lot!

Sompit and Natasha-- the members we get to teach from Thailand... she is expecting a baby in a couple of weeks! :

Our investigator, Judith-- she is a hoot!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gingers in Lethbridge

We will have to wait until Monday to hear more about the changes, but meanwhile we got this email and photo from the fleet coordinator in the mission:

Yesterday when I picked up the arriving new missionaries at the airport, I was struck by how much Sister Burnside reminded me of Sister King. who had arrived two transfers ago. I told Sister Burnside of this and told her I hoped the two of them would have a chance to meet. Well, as it turns out, not only have they met but they are now companions!. Just thought both of you parents would like to know of this huge coincidence and see for yourselves. You both have wonderful daughters and we are very pleased to have them both serving with us. Elder Evan A. Thorley, Fleet Coordinator, Canada Calgary Mission
Ashley and her new companion, Sister Burnside. 
Then Jan Francis sent us a few more:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Canadian Visitors!

Sunday, we got some visitors from Lethbridge, Alberta and they brought us a package from our missionary!!  Thanks McLeod sisters!!

Monday, June 6, 2016


Holy smokes! This week was just jam packed I don't even know where to start!

Okay, so lately we have been really trying to find some service opportunities and this girl told us that she needed some volunteers at this Alzheimer's awareness fundraiser. We thought to ourselves "this is perfect!" So we show up all ready to serve and she tells us that we will be in mascot costumes taking pictures will a bunch of kids... hahaha so that was pretty fun. Who knew that I would be a mascot as part of my mission, so funny! 

Service... it gets really hot and stinky in those costumes by the way.

We also got to meet with the Syrian family. Literally every time we meet with them I am just completely humbled! They have so many stories and it is so fun to be able to hear all about their culture. Also, at the end of the day on Wednesday I got a phone call from the APs. Starting on Wednesday I will be training a new missionary... literally any emotion you can think of I have felt. I am super excited but also so so nervous! Ha I'm still a little baby missionary and now I'm training. It's crazy! But I know that the Lord will help me. 

Our Syrian friends
When I got my training call I was super nervous so Sister Blake got me flowers... love her.

So on Friday I went up to Calgary with Sister Taylor for trainers. That was really fun to see everyone. Apparently there is a big group of missionaries coming out this transfer. Plus there are 7 of us training that came out with me, so that put my mind at ease a bit. The APs and President did the training and it just made me more excited and more nervous! So we'll see what happens this upcoming week. 

 Stuck in traffic on the way to Calgary with Sister Taylor


The best part of the week was definitely Saturday. The zone leaders had a baptism in the morning so we brought Alex so that he could see how it went, and he was so excited! ALEX'S BAPTISM WAS THE BEST THING OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!! First of all, there were so many people there. And about 1/4 of them were nonmembers! Shane was the first to speak and there was not a dry eye in the place that's for sure. He talked all about how life is going to be hard but that when Alex looks back at this moment all throughout his life-- when he kneels in the temple to be sealed to his wife, and when he holds his first baby and  know that he's going to raise it in the gospel he's going to look back on this moment in his life and say to himself "this is all worth it" Needless to say we were bawling. Right after that me and Sister Blake had the musical number. Ha I had to play the piano and I couldn't see the sheet music very well cause my eyes were full of water, but it went great! There was such a sweet spirit that was there the entire time! 
Shane and Alex-- best friends for forever and now Shane got to baptize his best friend

Alex was beaming he was so happy... ha and we didn't have the heart to tell him about the no hugging rule....

After the actual baptism Alex spoke. Okay the water works came again. He and Shane had gone to the temple visitor's center the day before his baptism and he talked all about how strong the spirit was and how excited he is to one day go into the temple. That was neat for us missionaries to hear because that is our ultimate goal with our investigators, not just to baptize them but to get them to the temple. Alex's whole family was there and we got to talk to them for a bit and we also talked to Alex's friends that were there and we even set up an appointment for later that day with one of his nonmember friends named Brian. This baptism was probably the strongest I have felt the spirit thus far on my mission, and it made me so excited to know that this is what my mission is all about. Bringing people to Christ and seeing the happiness that comes from that. Alex was beaming!! 

Our zone was able to go see a fireside where Larry Gelwix (Forever Strong rugby coach) spoke to us... that was a great fireside!

The confirmation was just as cool yesterday. Shane confirmed him and it is so bitter sweet because Shane is actually on his way to Utah right now-- he goes into the MTC on Wednesday. So he got to baptize his best friend and then go serve the Lord for 2 years. 
Honestly I am just so happy that I get to be a missionary and have these cool experiences and see how the gospel really can change lives. I know that it's changing mine. I love being a missionary!! :)

Love you all so much! This gospel is so true!

Sister King