Friday, February 19, 2016

I am alive and well!

Ashley's first email to us:

Hello Parentals!
I only have a few minutes tonight but everything here is going great here! It's definitely overwhelming at sometimes but I love it! Seriously as soon as you get into the MTC they put you right to work. So my companion's name is Sister Carlson, and she is from West Haven Utah, just outside of Ogden. We have 6 sisters and 2 Elders in our District, half of the sisters are going to Chesapeake, Virginia and the Elders are going to Ohio. Then there are 3 of us sisters who are heading to Calgary. Just from what I have heard and seen there are a bunch of people heading to Canada. We just had our first Branch meeting and we met our Branch Presidency, so that was really fun! I have already learned so much and I have barely been here for 24 hours, my testimony is growing every second. I'm seriously just writing this with the biggest smile on my face. But seriously, everything here is awesome. The food is great (don't worry I'm eating pretty good and healthy foods) and it's so fun because everywhere I look I see someone that I know. Dead serious. The minute after you guys dropped me off I ran into Hermana Farnsworth, such a tender mercy to see her, she definitely made saying goodbye to you guys a lot easier. But I've seen at least like 10 people from Timpview here, it actually makes me feel kinda bad because none of the other sisters know anybody here (but it's awesome for me). HA I even accidentally ran into Kelsey. So great, love her lots. Ha and I kinda went looking for Court.. she's on my floor so it was just too tempting. 

Just some quick details, I leave for Canada on Tuesday the 1st and I get to call you all, so have your phone on hand. Oh and on you can send me some emails real quick, that'd be like pretty cool. One last thing, my p-day is on Tuesday, so I'll be emailing again then and that also means that I will only email once from the MTC... so don't be stressin (talking to you mama king)
Tomorrow we get to teach our first "investigator" so that should be really fun! 
Also, sorry this is so short and completely unorganized, I was just so happy I got to email you!

Long story short... The MTC is awesome and I love every girl in our district. I'm learning so much and I am gaining a stronger testimony every minute. I miss you all so much but they keep us pretty busy here and the spirit helps a lot too.

Tell everyone that I love them and that I can't wait to email them. The church is true and I love having this missionary badge on. Families are forever, and that's what I grasp onto to help saying goodbye not so bad, I really do love you guys. Like a lot. 

With all the love in the world,
Sister King

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