Tuesday, May 10, 2016


HELLO!!! Long time no see :)

It was seriously so nice to talk to you all yesterday, you all looked great (even you Bryan). The subject is because it has been so stinking hot here then we woke up this morning and it was freezing!

Anyway, this past week was just full of tender mercies. First of all the fires in the northern part of Alberta have been the talk of the town. Fort Mcmurray is almost completely burned to the ground and everyone has been evacuated. There haven't been any fatalities that I have heard of yet, but yesterday the whole province of Alberta did a fast for the weather to help put the fires out... and we woke up this morning and it was pouring rain. Fasting works!!

Monday was great as usual. We had dinner with a bunch of widows in our ward-- they absolutely love us! They're all adorable! We then went to FHE with this older couple in our ward. He has been in charge of making all these videos for the church so he showed us this interview of the first Sister Missionaries to go into Bulgaria. That was super cool and it made me so grateful that I am here in Canada! 

Tuesday we had ZTM and that was great. Our zone leader, Elder Henry, came up with this cool idea to help get the members more involved in missionary work. So we are trying to have members get less actives and nonmembers to help them fulfill their callings-- cool right! It's so easy to get someone to help, a lot easier than getting them to take the discussions with the missionaries. So that is what you all should try to do! Get people more involved because everyone is willing to serve! We also had a lesson with our investigator, Rachel Li.  She is so cute and so ready to be baptized it's ridiculous! Her mother won't let her be baptized so we have been praying for her mother's heart to be softened so that she can take those steps to baptism and  hopefully, something will happen there! We ended the day by just contacting some people on our ward list.

Wednesday was fun because we had cleaning inspections. Ha we have new people that do it and they are so nice so it was fun to get to know them. They even had me install the new detector and they said that they were super impressed with me and Sister Blake because we were doing things that not even the Elders could do! So funny! We tried to have a lesson with Vanessa but she hasn't been feeling too good so we had to reschedule. I also got a blessing and it was one of the neatest experiences of my life. I had like 4 things that I had on my mind and boom.boom.boom.boom Elder Henry just hit all 4 of them right in a row. Yay for the priesthood and for the spirit! 

Thursday was great- we spent lots of the day with our weekly planning (ps I forgot how fair of skin I have and my legs turned into tomatoes... but only the front of them so I have a pretty funny looking tan line now). We started exchanges this day and so Sister Brown came with me here and Sister Blake went to Taber with Sister Larsen.

Friday was so much fun! It was fun yet also stressful to be in charge of the area. But we ended up having a pretty solid day. We met with Fred Tam, a less active, and read with him some of the Book of Mormon. He's so funny! We stopped by a few former investigators and even picked up a potential investigator. Her name is Margaret and she is from Hungary! So cool! We met her just out and about and we saw her gardening and went to her. That's how lots of the "street contacting" goes here. We also had a lesson with Vanessa and that went over really well! She is starting to really progress-- hopefully her health gets better so that we can pick a date for her to be baptized. We ended the day by meeting with a less active in our ward. Okay she is the funniest and most positive person I have ever met! Like the cutest! She gets happy for literally everything. I remember her saying "God loves us so he gave us bubbles!" Ha as weird as that sounds it is so true! If we look for little things like that we will see that literally everything that we have cones from God! 

Saturday was probs my favorite day! We made some scotcheroos for the cool moms that are here and we had a lesson with our investigator Alex and his less active roommate, Jordan. That lesson went so well! Alex is now on date for June 4! So we're really excited about that! It's crazy how someone bearing a sincere and simple testimony can bring the spirit to fill the entire room. That's how the lesson was... I can't even describe it, it was so cool! Later that day we picked up 2 new investigators! They are both from Nigeria!  We're going to meet with them next week so hopefully that will be good!

Sunday was the best!! Our sacrament meeting was so  good! Emily Wallace and her husband spoke in our home ward-- they are the cutest couple and we love them!  They spoke about their mothers and it was such a sweet meeting. It made me very anxious to skype the fam! Then we ran over to YSA and ha no one was there that could play the piano so I had to (which was why I was late to the Skype call) but anyway, MAN I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD!!! I really lucked out! It was so good to be able to talk to you guys and hopefully you have seen a difference in me. 

It's hard to convey over skype but I really am becoming a better version of myself-- all through the Atonement! The Atonement is so cool! We had dinner yesterday with the Nickels. Ha for some reason they had us over and it was right during their skype call with their son in Costa Rica... we felt kinda like we were imposing but Sister Nickel loved having us there and we all talked to him. We then went to see this old lady in a rest home.  I'll have to send a picture of her sometime because she is adorable! We come sing her songs and yesterday this guy came in and said that his dad wanted us to sing to him too, so we did! Songs are such a great way to bring the spirit. We decided that we were going to go back and sing to a bunch of the residents there sometime.

Overall the week was fantastic!! Hopefully this week will be just as good! I love you all and I pray for you every day! I definitely feel all your prayers as well. Things are really happening here in Lethbridge!

Sister King

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