Monday, May 2, 2016


Family and friends, hello how are you?!? 

This past week has been a complete blur, how in the world is it already Monday?? 

I am so stoked that I get to see you all to skype on Sunday! So pumped!

We both happened to wear our BYU sweatshirts for service, cute right?

 Ward talent night

Random house that just had some pretty flowers!

Henderson Lake

Henderson Lake

Henderson Lake

Anyway, Monday was fun as usual. We had dinner with our Ward mission leaders (they happen to be father and son) Ha so really sad story. On Monday we decided that it would be a good idea to get a bike lock for our bikes that we were all excited about. So we went to Walmart and got a lock and by the time we get back... Sister Blake's bike had been stolen. Ya so that was super sad!!! Ha we even filed a police report and it hasn't turned up yet but she might go get a bike sometime soon, but really that was so sad!

Tuesday was good! We met with a bunch of less actives and they actually let us in their home, that's a miracle in itself! We also got to meet with the girl in our YSA ward that we reactivated, she was doing great still so that's always fun to hear.

Wednesday was kind of a weird day. We had such a good day planned out and again they fell through. It's like these people aren't worried about their salvation and stuff (jokes jokes) But really, it breaks my heart that people seem so willing to meet with us then we show up to their house and we can see them in there but they don't come to the door or answer the phone. Maybe me and Sister Blake are scary looking or something... but who knows?! We did have a lesson with this investigator. That was honestly one of the hardest lessons I have ever taught. He was telling us that his brain works very logically, so how do you tell someone who thinks like that how the Holy Ghost works? We did get through the lesson and we will probably meet with him again which is good!

Thursday was just the best!!! Some of our plans fell through but we didn't even care because we had such a good lesson with our investigator Alex. He is so solid! We were going to teach him and we found out that Alex wanted his less active roommate to come to church. THE INVESTIGATOR WAS HELPING US REACTIVATE HIS ROOMMATE!! So awesome! We went in to teach him and the roommate was just getting ready to leave. We talked to them for a little-- they coach basketball so we talked basketball for a bit which was good because I think it helped the lesson not be too intense and help them know that we are real people. It was great! Alex said that he wants to be baptized, we just have to pick a date. His friend was there who is getting ready to serve his mission in... PROVO UTAH (I was giving him advice and stuff for Provo) and at the end of the lesson he bore his testimony and started crying and the spirit was so strong and he ended up staying for the whole lesson. And wait it gets better, he was at church on Sunday and Alex had work on Sunday but said that he would be there next week! MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING PEOPLE!! That was just the high point of the week for me. Plus we were teaching the plan of salvation and how we all have purpose in our lives. I think sometimes I take it for granted the fact that I know why I'm here, where I'm going and where I was before I came to this earth. It's so simple and yet it changes lives just having that knowledge. 

Friday was super fun! We volunteered at the food bank which was a very humbling experience. We also had our ward talent show. Some people that we had dinner with brought some nonmembers with them and we talked with them and hopefully we're going to meet with them sometime this week. Member missionary work is so dang important!!
Saturday was fun too-- we helped some people move. Ha all the high priests and stuff that were there were impressed that I was doing the heavy work... Yes I do have muscles, it's all good. We also met with our recent convert and he brought his sister (nonmember) and we're most likely going to teach her this week as well. So exciting!

Yesterday was great! We didn't have any meetings in the morning so we got to study and not be in a hurry. So for the summer our YSA ward combines with another YSA ward so we showed up and the whole chapel was filled! It was so cool!! The most YSA people in a sacrament meeting I have ever seen! We also got to go to the YSA broadcast. That was super good! It was about the restoration and all of Joseph Smith's accounts of the first vision. It was very intellectual but it didn't go over my head, so that's always good. Sunday night was randomly really hard for me. I got in and just was overwhelmed with how homesick I was. I just kept thinking about how much I missed home, and what all I missed (boy am I grateful that I have so many things at home that make it hard for me to be away) but I also got thinking about how much I am loving being a missionary. This morning for my personal study Heavenly Father definitely answered my prayers! I read a talk by Neal A. Maxwell called Applying the Atoning Blood of Christ. It was seriously exactly what I needed to hear! So don't worry, I still miss home but I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now and I am going to put my whole heart into this work. I love this gospel so much and the Atonement is just the best! The more we get to know our Savior the more we will see his hand in our lives and how much he truly does love us! TENDER MERCIES ARE REAL!!!

Love you all so much and can't wait to talk to you on Sunday :)

Sister King

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