Saturday, September 3, 2016

"I've Got a Serious Case of Donald Trump Hair"

Hey there fam!
This past week has been great, just flew by!
We had quite a few lessons this week, which was super awesome! There's definitely still lots of work going on here in Lethbridge!

So we have this less active girl in our ward, Sompit,  and she's from Thailand. She had a baby shower and invited us to it-- so we went and helped set up and everything and got to be there for that. Ha that's probably the most confused I've ever been in my life because every body there was speaking in Thai... ha we were literally the only Caucasian people there. I felt like that's how mom felt on her first couple days in Thailand. So that was pretty fun!

This week has been sad because we're pretty sure that this is my last week in the area because transfers are this Thursday. So I've been able to just go and see lots of the people that I have really gotten to know over the past 6 months. It's hard but I'm excited for something new. On Tuesday night I'll be finding out my fate...

We were able to do some fun service this week. So this week was Whoop-up days (pretty much like the state fair but in Lethbridge)  Every year the Lethbridge stake has a booth in the park where we make Elephant ears and earn money for the young men and young women programs. We were able to go twice and help make all of them-- that was SUPER fun! And I believe that the stake made like 26,000 dollars... So I'd say that it was a success! Plus we picked up a new investigator! Her name is Mackenzie and she's 16. She's dating a kid in our ward and they both came to help make the Elephant Ears. We were able to have a super good chat with her and she is super interested in learning more! SCORE! We're pretty excited about that!

Elephant ears  :)

Behind the scenes of the Elephant Ear booth at Whoop Up days

My girl Lizzie... saying bye to her

On Tuesday we did exchanges. I went with Sister Dean to Taber. Fun story. Guess where Sister Dean is from.... GREEN BAY WISCONSIN!!! So I had a good time talking with her about Wisconsin and hearing a little about life there. Reminded me of Court-- so that was super fun. In fact one of her good friends turns out to be Sister Hammatt-- one of Courtney's comps. Wow, such a small world. So Taber was super fun!

 Exchanges with the STL's

 Had to get a pic with the swaggin wagon before I left.
Been driving this baby for a while now and I think that I'm really gonna miss her!

Had to take a pic in our "posterity pajamas"

the newest addition to our room-- thanks to Sister Dean

Probably one of the hardest things for us right now is getting people to come out to church. We meet with our investigators periodically during the week and they always sound super sincere and genuine when the say that they'll be to church on Sunday, then when sacrament meeting rolls around me and Sister Burnside usually end up awkwardly sitting by ourselves... but hey when you're a missionary you just got to own the awkwardness! Hoping that next week will be better... even though I'll probably be in a different area. Change is good-- it's scary but good. And Lethbridge has treated me very well! I'll let y'all know what happens next week!
Have a fantastic week! Love ya!

One of our favorite families-- the Bly's. Love them

Brad and Kayla-- they had us over for breakfast

some of my YSA homies

scripture of the week:John 8:29-- And He that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him

quote of the week: "there is no greater service you can give to your family than being a diligent missionary. You're a constant witness and example of truth-- that is the best thing that you can do." -Elder Christofferson (when he came to the mission) 

Sista King :) 

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