Monday, December 12, 2016

Getting "hickified"

Hey there! Ha I feel like I was emailing you guys just yesterday!

Anyway, since Wednesday there really isn't too much to update you guys on. We have been doing lots of service with the Christmas initiative-- so that's been really fun. And we've actually had some pretty good opportunities to talk to people about our church. The other night we went Christmas caroling/shoveling. It was a complete blizzard but we walked around shoveling people's walkways. We were wearing Christmas lights too, cause ya know #lightingtheworld :)

Shoveling  #lighttheworld

The other day we went to help the Anderson's make pizza-- it's their boxing day tradition and Sister Anderson wasn't feeling very good so we got called on to go and help. They had their Mennonite friends over to help us with that, and then the girls liked us so much that they invited us to their Christmas party. Ha which is another story... 

Highlight of the week though was that we picked up 2 new investigators. So our Bishop brought some friends to our Christmas party. On Thursday we stopped by just to say hi and they invited us in (maybe cause it was like negative 27...) but we started talking to them. I talked to the mom, Adrian, and she seemed pretty sad. I asked her how she was and she just started sobbing and completely just opened up to us and told us all these things that they were going through, then she invited us in to share a message. There was a really sweet spirit there. They invited us back to share another message with them. It was just really cool! So now we are teaching another Mexican Mennonite family :) 

Our Mennonite family watching Light the World

Okay so back to the Christmas party. So the girls that helped us make pizza-- their names are Susie and Maria. The invited us to their Christmas concert. We went and holy smokes... I swear it was like every Mennonite in Southern Alberta... soooo many people there and I am 92% sure that we were the only ones there that weren't.

 But anyway, we snuck in and just sat down. The entire time everyone was eying us... for like 30 minutes. It was ridiculous. Ha then I took a hard look around us and realized that all the girls were sitting on the right side of the room and all the guys were on the left side of the room. And where were we sitting? Ha we were sitting right in the middle on the left side. #awkward but we just laughed it off cause what are ya going to do? It was pretty great. 

Lemme tell ya, Taber town knows how to do Christmas! I love it! We were able to go and help at our Vauxhall ward Christmas party. We were a shepherd and wise man then they had us be elves for when Santa came. Just to give  you a little perspective on how tiny the ward is, we pulled up and there were about 12ish cars and the Torries who drove us said "Wow, what a great turn out." ME and Sister Taylor just looked at each other..

​Vauxhall Ward Christmas Party

Anyway, life is good! Loving it here in Taber Town. They keep telling me that the longer I am here I am becoming more "hickified".   I love it.   Hope that you all have a fantastic week!
Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 25:25-- We are made alive in  Christ because of our faith.
Quote of the week: "All the Lord asks is that you give your best effort and your whole heart. Do it cheerfully and with the prayer of faith. The Father and his Beloved Son will send the Holy Ghost as your companion to guide you. Your efforts will be magnified." -President Eyring
Love you all!!
Sister King :)

Sister Taylor thought that it would be a grand idea to kidnap this cat for a sec...
he liked us cause it was about negative 25 at the time...

We got to go play ball with some of our awesome ward members, Don and Shawna.

Matching night gowns cause why not?

A member made me a christmas ornament... it is a snowflake with my face on it.

​Homemade chocolates!

Our do-rags... best day ever.

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