Monday, January 9, 2017

Transfers in Taber Town!

Hey there fam!

So ya, transfers were this week. Sad news cause Sister Taylor got sent up to Calgary... but happy news cause now I am with Sister Sims!! Holy smokes, she's the cutest! She's from a little town in Wyoming called La Barge, and she grew up on a cattle ranch-- ha so she fits in so well here! She's been out on her mission for about 6 months and now she's an STL. So that should show you just how awesome she is! But ya, she's awesome and we've had lots of fun so far. Oh and I forgot to mention that she plays ball... PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!! Ha so that's been fun too :)


Sister Taylor had a really bad cold...

after transfer calls  :(

Anywayyy, this week has been kinda crazy with transfers and all. We had some really good lessons on Tuesday but that night was transfer calls.  Sister Taylor found out that she would be going to Willowpark in Southeast Calgary (President and Sister Miles' ward-- I guess they wanted to keep a close eye on her ;) And I found out that Sister Sims would be coming. She has been in the Northwest part of Calgary her whole mission so far! 

We went curling last pday! it was awesome!

Sister Taylor gave me some socks to remember her by...

Climbed this big ice mound in the church parking lot and lived to tell the tale.

Bro. Anderson's wood horses

Breakfast with the Anderson's

Tying her up so she won't leave

Left me a cute little note before she left

Dean Heggie (from Lethbridge) came to see me at transfers :) best surprise ever!

Saw Sister Barlow at transfers

Last Good byes

Making stuffed meatballs... Taber style.

We spent the rest of the time on Wednesday going and saying bye to everyone for Sister Taylor. Sad sad day. It is really cool though that on your mission you make such good friends, I love it! But it makes saying goodbye that much harder... On Thursday we had a bye-bye breakfast with the Anderson's where Brother Anderson tied Sister Taylor to her chair so she couldn't go, that was pretty funny! Then we headed to transfers. 

I feel bad cause since Sister Sims has been here we've really just had to do some of the boring stuff. We've done lots of planning and driving!

On Friday we had MLC! Ha so I got to see all of my people again!  That was real fun! Plus it was such a good meeting. There were a few things that really stood out to me. We talked a LOT about planning an effective day-- so that's really what we're going to focus on. Making sure that we have effective planning sessions. Then Sister Miles talked a lot about the Area book- ha another "behind the scenes" of missionary work. That was really good. A thought kept coming to me that was like "when you keep the area book updated it shows the Lord that you are grateful for the people that he is blessing us to teach." So that was pretty fun. Then P. Miles gave a little training about loving the people, and I just loved that! We talked about the importance of ordinances and it just made me that much more excited to be a missionary! It really is just the best thing in the entire world!

The weather here has been REAL chilly lately... yesterday there was a wind chill of -26 and it's supposed to be pretty cold today too, but I can handle it :) 

This upcoming week is going to be real fun! Lots and LOTS of driving. We're heading out to Med Hat tomorrow and then Lethbridge on Wednesday and Thursday... racking up the kms. But it's great :)

Anyway, life is good!! Since school starts up today lots of our people that we're working with came home this past weekend, so it'll be good to see them again! We really are doing awesome out here in Taber Town... I just am amazed at how sweet everybody is to us-- it's ridiculous how spoiled we are out here. Wish us luck as we drive this week :)

Quote of the week: "Even at the times when you don't have confidence in yourself, the Savior does. And that's all that matters." -Pres. Miles

another one: "when we come to Him with humble and teachable hearts-- even if our hearts are heavy with mistakes, sins and transgressions-- He can change us, for He is mighty to save." -Carole M. Stephens

Scripture of the week: @ Nephi 1:15-- But behold, the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love. #lehiforthewin

Love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Sister King :)

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