Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Potato capital of the west

HEYYY!! Honestly can't even believe that it is already Monday again. Ya know when you just have one of those weeks or days that you know that you were always doing something but you don't quite really remember what happened? Ya, that's what I'm feeling. So I'll just try to remember everything that happened this week.

The Potato Capital of the West

First things first-- major changes to missionary life right now. On Wednesday we had a world-wide mission broadcast. It was actually really cool. Elder Oaks dropped some bombs on us and I loved it. So they did change the daily missionary routine-- pretty much it just gives us more freedom to do what we need to when we think we should do it. They also gave us an extra half hour in the morning to do what we want. They're hoping that we will choose to study or do something productive so that when we come home we will already be in the habit of choosing to read our scriptures. I have absolutely loved it! Cause when we do our normal studies we always focus on the lessons that we have and the people that we are going to teach, now we get some more time to just study for ourselves on what we want to study. It's been pretty good. Ha they also gave us 2 more hours on pday-- so that's pretty chill. Oh, they also changed our "key indicators" We had 9 every week and now we only have 4... they just said that we plan for what we report-- so the 4 are Investigators baptized and confirmed 2. Investigators who attend Sacrament meeting 3. Investigators with a baptismal date and 4. New investigators... so that's where the focus is right now. I think it'll be really good. It's weird getting used to the new things cause I have been doing the same thing every day for almost a year, so it's just different. But it's a good different.

Fun fact: P. Miles let me and Sister Sims go to a hockey game this week. Our investigator Jen's son had a hockey game and we wanted to meet her husband cause he always works during the day so he's never there for our lessons. Funner fact: I can see why Canadians love hockey so much. We were only watching 11 year olds play but it was the funnest! I loved it! 

Making burgers... real burgers

the Neufeld's

When you run out of TP then remember you have a spare in the car :)

Making noodles

As for teaching this week-- we actually had a pretty solid week. We were finally able to meet with Leona this week-- she is just a crazy busy older lady out in Vauxhall. Never have I ever met anybody who is more into family history than her... she just needs to be baptized, so we're working on it. She even said that she needs to do all this family history so that we can get the names to the temple... she's pretty much a dry Mormon so just working on that.

Helena and the Neufelds are doing so well!!!!! Oh man, I just love that family so much. They invited us over for supper on Saturday-- lemme tell ya, Mennonites know how to cook. It was such a bomb dinner! After dinner we taught the Plan of Salvation. The kids are just amazing and listen and participate and know so much, and I 'm so very impressed with them every time we see them. They really are progressing and we're just hoping that I can be here when they get baptized, cause they will get baptized eventually :)


A member gave us tator tot casserole for dinner the other night... ha reminded me of Mom :)

Yesterday was our Ward Conference in Vauxhall... ha all the stake leaders came out to it and our ward pretty much doubled... it was awesome! Then we decided to spend most of our day out there. We ended up meeting 2 families that are potentials that we're going to try to meet with again. Ha we're praying for families out in Vauxhall cause we need them, ha real bad. So we'll see what happens.

So ya, I guess you could say it was a pretty solid week. I love it here. I say that all the time but it's so true. Anyway, hope that you all have a stellar week. And a shoutout to Abby cause varsity bucket!!! :)

Quote of the week: "Our faith can reach beyond the limits of current reason" -Sister Wixom

Scripture of the week: D&C 50:24-- That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.

Love you all!!

Sister King :)

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