Wednesday, July 5, 2017

True North Strong and Free

HAPPY HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!! God bless America!! Seriously though! Canada doesn't really know how to party. It was Canada Day on Saturday and let's just say that Americans are a lot better at celebrating than Canadians, however it was still pretty fun!

Happy Canada Day!

This week has been awesome! Me and Sister Romo are really working hard-- so that's awesome! We've mainly been meeting with people in our ward so that Sister Romo can get to know them, but we've also had some really good lessons with our investigators.

Stampede Breakfast

Saying bye to Ceri-- she went to Australia and won't see her again before I leave :(

My favorite person ever, Daniel

Zeyu-- we met with him yesterday. He's doing awesome! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and just has so many questions. Yesterday we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This one is one of my favorites to teach because as missionaries we are here to "Teach Repentance and baptize converts." So teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is great cause you get to teach all about repentance! Repentance is like the best thing in the entire world! He really enjoyed the lesson as well. We brought up baptism with him and he said that he needs more time but that he thinks this is a good thing for him. YAY!

Jacob-- Jacob is still doing great. He wasn't able to come to church cause if was the long weekend for Canada day but I'm really excited about the way he is progressing. He's still on date for July 22nd-- so that'll be here before we know it :)

Karl-- okay exciting news here!! KARL IS ON DATE!!! wahoo! We taught him the Restoration and that went super well! At the end of the lesson we were talking about how God loves us and there are things and tools that he gives us to help us be happy, the spirit was straight up like "INVITE HIM TO BE BAPTIZED ON SEPTEMBER 16TH!!!" It was super clear. So went for it, and he accepted! Ha and September 16th is a Saturday too. Pretty neat.

Since it was Canada Day we got to help at some breakfasts. The stampede is coming up though so there are going to be a TON of breakfasts and bbqs going on. Pretty pumped for that.

Funny moment of the week: woke up the other day and Sister Romo asked me if I remembered what I was dreaming about and if I knew that I sleep talk... ha I had no idea. She told me that I taught her a lesson in my sleep. HA! I guess I've been a missionary for a while. But I just thought that was pretty good.
ANYWAYYY this week was super awesome and we have a pretty good week ahead of us. The time is just flying by! Hope you all have an awesome 4th. 

Quote of the week: "He wants us to reach out and take firm hold of the iron rod, confront our fears, and bravely step forward and upward along the strait and narrow path. He want this for us because He loves us and because this is the way to happiness." -President Uchtdorf

and "The Lord promises to direct our paths, but for him to do that, we have to walk, trusting that He knows the way because He is the way." -L. Whitney Clayton

I would highly suggest 2 talks from this last conference. Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear, and Whatsoever He saith Unto you, Do it. They are awesome!!

Scripture of the week: 2 Nephi 4:34-- O Lord, I have trusted in thee and I will trust in thee forever.

Hope that you guys all have an awesome week! I love you lots and think about and pray for you guys all the time.

Love you lots,

Sister King :)

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