Monday, April 18, 2016

Cana- D.Todd Christofferson!


This week was absolutely fantastic! 
The rest of Monday was pretty much just the same as usual.

Tuesday was really good. We had a really good district meeting about using the scriptures regularly in lessons. One thing that I really liked was that we shouldn't be using scriptures to back up what we are saying, we need to use the scriptures and then back up what it is saying. The scriptures are direct words from God, so what better source to teach with?!
We spent lots of the day on the North side of our area. We had a great lesson with our investigator Vanessa. We had to take her off date because of her health but she is going to Calgary to have surgery or something like that this week so we'll see what she says when she gets back. She is a real sweetheart and we get along really well. Before all of her health problems she used to coach soccer, so that is super fun! Anyway, we're just praying that everything in Calgary goes all right so that we can go forward with her baptism. 

We also had a lesson with our recent convert that got baptized the week before I came to the area. He is so great and so excited about anything and everything with the gospel. We are a little worried about his addictions... so we're praying for that as well. That night we had got to go and meet with a less active family. The father was one of the coolest people ever. He used to be a professional MMA fighter, so he taught us some moves. That was so much fun! They are a really cute family and we saw them at church yesterday!
We had our last waffle Wednesday at the institute building this week. School is getting out so we can't do it anymore :( Speaking of finals and stuff I hope that everyone at home isn't too stressed out! We met with our druggie investigator as well and just read the Book of Mormon with him. We aren't really seeing much progress in him but he likes to read the Book of Mormon (who wouldn't?) It was really nice weather so we walked a lot. 

We helped this cute little old lady, Sister Hansen, move and organize some boxes. That was really fun. We found this little library box where you are supposed "take a book, leave a book." We didn't miss out on the opportunity, so we had to put in a Book of Mormon. If that ended up getting someone interested that would be a pretty cool story.

Thursday was actually really difficult. The night before we had the whole day planned out with like 5 lessons. As soon as well set down our planners literally every one of them called us and canceled... including our dinner appointment. So that was a huge bummer, but luckily we had high spirits because we just went off of our ward list and tried to find some less actives or people that we don't even know. So that was fun! Also, thank goodness for the Francis' because she said that we could eat with them. They are seriously the best! We also made some yummy rice krispie treats (here they are called squares) to give to some of our investigators that kind of stopped talking to us. Even though the day did not go nearly as planned, we still ended up being able to have a positive attitude. Attitude is everything! The mission is such a mind game and so staying positive is so important!
Friday was great as well! We got to meet with out less active that we recently reactivated *confetti emoji! That is really cool to see someone remember the things that they once knew and just be so happy. She really just told us how happy she was that she had her testimony back. That night we went and delivered some of those treats we made... and it worked! 2 of our investigators were there and we got to talk to them for a bit and we made appointments with both of them. Sugar works wonders!!!
SATURDAY WAS JUST THE BEST DAY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! We woke up at 5:30 because we headed up to Calgary.We got there at about 8:10,  then got to talk with and meet so many missionaries! This is the first time our whole mission has been together at the same time, so that was really cool! I saw Elder Fellos. He was my FHE brother at BYU, so that was really fun. 

However, most importantly we got to meet Elder Christofferson! He shook all of our hands before  he talked to us. We also got to hear from Elder Martino. It was a really good meeting.  It was really cool to feel the spirit change as soon as they walked in the room. So happy that we have a living prophet and apostles!  They truly are called of God!  Elder Martino spoke to us first and he talked about how we can better find people and get more referrals from members and how important members are in missionary work. That was really cool.
Then Elder Christofferson spoke to us. He did a question and answer. That was really cool and  I learned so much. Then he talked to us about how important the Book of Mormon is. He also told us multiple times how proud the Lord was with us for being out on our mission. And that the best thing that we can do for our family, especially if they are going through something hard, is to just stay out here and be a good example. It is so true. The blessings of being a missionary are plentiful! That meeting was so good. Then we got to come back and go to a baptism in our district. Saturday was just such a spiritual high!
Sunday was great too! We got to speak in our Chinook ward about member missionary work. The meeting was so good and I think that we really got people thinking about what they can do as members to help hasten the work. I got to talk about the talk by Mervyn B. Arnold about rescuing. Lots of the work out here is finding those lost sheep, so that was really good. I would highly suggest reading that if you get a chance.

Sorry that this email is so long and if you got bored I'm sorry. This was just such a great week and I am so thankful I get to be a missionary!! 

Love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week!

Sister King

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