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Not gonna lie,  this week has been pretty rough and not very many exciting things happened during the week. Both me and Sister Blake had really, really bad colds.  Like to the point where we were coughing and sneezing more than we weren't... that was pretty hard because our work is starting to calm down a little so we felt like we should be doing so many more things but we just couldn't cause we were sick. But on the plus side we are feeling so much better now and this week can only be better! :)

We ate with this super cute family the other night.

Tuesday we had a few lessons but like I said those were kinda rough because of the sickness... also our super awesome investigator dropped us that day. So that was just pretty rough all around. 
Wednesday was about the same as Tuesday.  Our other solid investigator decided to go back to her Catholic religion. It's really hard to see someone who was progressing so much and found so much joy in the gospel just not want to take that step towards baptism. Luckily we got to meet with the lady we found in the hospital that we put on date. Her health is getting a little better but I don't think that she will be quite ready to be baptized on the original date that we set, but she is still progressing which is great! 
Thursday was awesome because we got to have interviews with President. Have I mentioned how awesome President Miles is? Cause for real he literally answered all the questions that I had going into the meeting and I didn't have to say anything. It was great, coming out of that I felt loads better! That carried over to Friday.

The spanish elders "porcupined" our car for April fools... pretty solid.

We ate with this awesome family that had a recording studio in their house so obviously we had to try it out!
Friday was so stressful but so great! The zone leaders got us a referral.  They played basketball with this kid and his friends were going on missions so he was wondering why. Super awesome for us! The stressful part was that we had to get a girl to come with us so that we could teach. We called literally everybody we could think of and no one could come! The very last girl that we called (like 15 minutes before we were supposed to be there) ended up being able to come! The Lord answers prayers!! So we went to that lesson and the Zone leaders were there and they were doing exchanges with the APs... so it was Me, Sister Blake, The Zone leaders and one of the APs... talk about intimidation! And then we walked in and there were actually 2 nonmembers there and 2 friends. So there was about 10 of us in one room teaching the first lesson. It ended up going really well and we picked up 2 new investigators! YAY! Then we got a call from an unknown number and it just so happened to be the Simmonds family from my home ward in Provo. I got to meet up with them and that was just so much fun!
Holy smokes, I loved conference so much! I seriously got so much out of every single talk! It's the most I have ever gotten out of a conference. One thing that I particularly loved was Elder Holland, ha he just always brings it! The Lord really is happy that we are trying our best and even just wanting to be better. Sometimes on the mission it is especially hard to keep this in mind because there are so many things that you want to improve on and it can be overwhelming at times, but it was so great to hear what Elder Holland had to say.
One other thing that I really loved was the talk about rescuing. I want to challenge you all to look around and see if there is someone who needs saving... it can be so easy. And don't delay!! Just do it!
Anyway, the end of the week definitely evened out the crumby week that we had and our spirits are high again and we are ready to work.
The church is true and we have a living prophet on the earth today. I love this gospel so much, it makes me so happy and listening to the servants of the Lord is seriously just the best.

Love you all so much and have a fantastic week! Remember what you learned in conference!

Sister King

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