Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Staying in Lethbridge for at least 7 more weeks!


So, Monday was so much fun! A member owns this super nice golf course and all the missionaries get to golf for free. That was a party!! The weather was so nice at the beginning of the week! Ha I already know that in the summer I'm going to be a walking, talking lobster... but that is totally all right!

Tuesday was our last DTM with our district :( I really lucked out with who my first district was, we all got along so well. We also went out to lunch with our district to this sushi place called Fusion. So my first sushi experience was a great one! Ha hard to believe that I had to come to Canada to try my first sushi, but it was really good! After lunch we went tracting because of the nice weather and that was actually pretty successful! We ate dinner with some super cute girls in our YSA ward too, so Tuesday was just awesome! On Tuesday night there was this super weird energy because everyone was getting their transfer calls and calling us to tell us where they were going... crazy madness!! Ha I was actually really glad that I didn't have to stress about anything, I still get Sister Blake for 7 more weeks! We also met with Stake President Maclennon, it is so fun to have so many connections! He updated me on the people back at home.

Wednesday was so much fun as well! We met with one of our investigators and helped her move some furniture and stuff. It's really hard to have an actual lesson with her because she really likes to talk, but we meet with her again this upcoming week and hopefully we can teach her! We also went to the Doctor for Sister Blake, don't worry everything is just dandy! We had dinner with this cute couple in our family ward. I am really so impressed with the people here, everyone is so stinking nice! Canadians definitely live up to the talk about them being so nice! They gave us this referral to go see a family just around the block, so right after dinner we went to go talk to him. The dad answered and let us in, He ended up being a pastor for his religion and he's from Kenya. So he started like bible bashing us, kinda funny! But it really made me so glad for the Book of Mormon, we just testified and gave him a BOM and told him to read it (not expecting that he would, but still hopeful)
Thursday, the dreaded day of transfers... this super nice lady invited all of our district over to her house to have one last breakfast together. So sad but so fun! We had to say goodbye to Elder Roberts and Wimber and Sister Tolbert. Luckily we ended up getting some other awesome people to lessen the blow of losing them. It really is sad to say goodbye, you are only with them for a little bit but they really become your family. Making lifelong friends here!! Another thing that was fun, the pastor texted us a bunch of questions about the BOM... he's actually reading it! So that was a miracle in itself! WE went to go have a lesson with our recent convert and unfortunately he was drunk, so we didn't end up meeting  with him. That was really sad, you could see a huge difference in  him... but he came to church yesterday and we're meeting with him tonight!

Friday was just an average day, nothing super bad or super awesome happened... but we did get to meet with one of our YSA less actives and she is doing so well!!! That was our miracle of the day! We talked to her about the temple and she is so excited to have that as her goal! We also had dinner with the most adorable old couple! They are from England and have the coolest accents and they just have the coolest story, literally they need to have a movie made about their life!

Saturday was so much fun! We went and got to act in a primary program... then we went to this missionary boot camp that the stake was throwing, that was really fun! We got to bear our testimonies to all the youth about how awesome missionary work is! We also had our Zone goal meeting that day, it was fun to meet everyone in our new zone. Let's just say that we are going to have so much fun! So pumped!! We also got to have dinner with the Maclennan's that night. Seriously so fun to talk with them! One other fun thing that happened was that me and Sister Blake have been pestering our wards because want some bikes, and on Saturday we got 2! So we are pretty excited about getting to ride our bikes around!

Sunday was actually pretty stressful. We had 2 ward councils and had to prepare to teach gospel principles and the laurels. Ha we showed up to our gospel principles class and no one was there... so we didn't have to teach. Then when we went into laurels there were only 2 of them and they were sisters and we're already pretty tight with them. But that was still super fun!

This week has been pretty fun and when you look for the hand of the Lord in your life you will see how much he actually is there and does for us every single day!

One thing that me and Sister Blake do that I love is that we set fun little goals for everyday. Like one day was to make 3 people laugh and another was to get to know someone better in our ward. Setting little goals like that makes it so fun!

Anyway, hope that you all have a fantastic week. Love and miss you!!

Sister King

Last pics with the district

Found this adorable cupcake shop in downtown Lethbridge

Elder Roberts Golden Birthday (21)

More blossoms!

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