Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July eh

Okay so this week has been absolutely nuts! So awesome! 

First of all-- the most exciting news of the week. Yesterday we had a bomb lesson with Ken and Linda. We were teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and we got to the part about baptism and I was just like "Ken ,what are your thoughts about baptism?" and he said "Well I'd like to be baptized as soon as possible" ha so before we went into the lesson we had decided to invite on July 23 but as I was inviting him the words "how does this Saturday sound?" came out!  ha... don't know how but that's what came out. But he accepted!! So we will be having a baptism this Saturday :) Linda said that she is going to take a little longer to accept it but that she will most likely get baptized later on. So so stoked for this!!! It was so awesome and now we're planning a baptism for this Saturday. I'm telling ya, miracles happen!

Ken and Linda!

So we've had this less active who has been hard core struggling. She can testify that other people are children of God and that God loves them but she can't say it about herself. She has been struggling with this her whole life and is striving to go to the temple but is just wanting that answer before she gets there. We had a lesson with her and the Spirit was so strong then we asked her if she wanted a priesthood blessing (we'd asked her that multiple multiple times but for some reason this time she said yes) So the next day we came back with our Zone Leaders and they gave her one of the coolest blessings that I have ever heard. We had been meeting with her since I got to Lethbridge and she has told us all these stories and throughout the blessing it like referred to some of them.   While I was listening I was thinking to myself "there is no way that this is coming from anyone but God." It was seriously so cool. She bawled throughout the entire thing and after the blessing she got up and she said that she had been waiting to feel that and get that answer for 30 years... it was crazy! The priesthood is literally so cool!

This has been a super fun week! The weekend consisted of a LOT of service. On Canada day we spent most of our day with some missionaries from the zone painting this garage for a member. It was so fun but took so long. Also, apparently people get drunk on Canada day so we were told by President that we weren't allowed to go out after supper. Luckily we had supper with the Francis's. Yay! It was a fun celebration! Don't worry I destroyed in lasso golf-- it's from all that practice at home :) My first Canada day was a success!!

Canada Day with the Francis Family!!!

 Lasso golf and supper

When you get dared to eat the lime....

3's all day e'ryday-- Elder Elliott 

It was our Canadian mom and dad's anniversary on Canada Day

Painting the garage with some of the zone 

CANADA DAY!!! we had more fun than most of the
Canadians... they don't take it as seriously as we thought.

Also, today is the 4th!! Happy Independence Day!! This morning we go together with the zone and had a big breakfast. It was fantastic! Never have I ever been so proud to be an American.   I love Canada but America is my home! Hope that you all have such an amazing holiday. I love you all. God bless America!!

Sister King

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