Monday, July 25, 2016

Urimm and Thummim....

How in the world is it already monday?!? Seriously, this past week was packed but flew by! 

Ha so last week our Monday dinner appointment canceled on us... so Sister Francis was kind enough to let us over and feed us. Love that lady! She also fed the Elders. When we were getting ready to leave we saw a cute picture frame that had all her family in it but there happened to be a blank space for another picture... ha so pretty much since we are her kids we took a family picture and she's going to put our picture in the frame with all her other family. So ya we're pretty cool cause we made the Francis family pictures. Also, a wonderful lady in our ward gave me a haircut on Monday-- so that was super fun and different! Yay for awesome members!

Our family picture at the Francis', featuring Suki (AKA Meow Mix... the cat)

Connie Start- the ward hugger :)

We had transfers this week-- luckily me and Sister Burnside weren't too nervous about everything considering we get 1 more transfer together. This past transfer just flew by! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were driving up to Calgary to pick up Sister Burnside, but now we've been together for an entire transfer! We were able to have some really good and quick meetings with a couple of members in our ward. We're trying to get to know the members more because we need some more referrals! But that's been going super well because we've got a few solid potential investigators from it. 

 We were able to help at a bridal shower for one of the girls in our YSA ward-- so that was super fun! Ha we had this super interesting lesson with one of our investigators. She asked us about the Urimm and Thummim... I've got to say that was the first lesson on that I've ever taught but thank goodness for the spirit because there's no way we could have gotten through that without the help of the spirit!

Transfers were super sad. We lost 3 people in our district... but hey such is missionary life! Sometimes it's crazy to think about the other places in this mission because I've been out for nearly 6 months and all I've seen is Lethbridge... but I love it!
District picture before transfers

district selfie

Ha so we went to teach this girl named Elaine, her boyfriend is a convert of 4 years and she wants to take the lessons from us. So we went in to teach the restoration and once we got in there we ended up teaching the Law of Chastity... funny how that works. But the lesson went good and we're teaching her next week too :) 

The weather this week was literally crazy!!! So much wind-- the craziest and strongest wind I have ever seen, and huge and I mean HUGE hail! And it was a complete down pour!! To be honest I love it! It spices things up quite a bit! 

On Saturday we went to our Zone Leader's baptism. It was a baptism of 3 cute little girls-- their dad got baptized about a month ago and was able to baptize his girls. So that was adorable. We also went to a baptism of a little girl in our ward. Ha, that was the most interesting baptism I have ever been to! Let's just say that the little girl reminded me of Junie B. Jones-- it was great!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to sing in our family ward. A couple weeks ago when I was with Sister Blake (who happens to have THE most beautiful voice) she talked to our ward chorister about singing in church... she just barely got back to us and said that we would be singing on Sunday. Ha so we threw something together and just went for it.
Anyway, sorry if this email is super jumbled but it was a fantastic week! We had some really good lessons with some less actives and even some potential investigators. It was just a solid week! Lethbridge is the best! I love all my members here! 

We were able to do some service for the Parkinson's (our housing inspectors) this week. All of us sisters in the zone stained their son's deck-- so much fun!Add caption

Sister Caldwell (fresh our of the MTC), Sister Shaffer, Sister Black, Sister Allard, Sister Burnside, Me, Elder and Sister Parkinson.

Scripture of the week: Alma 29:9 "I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance, and this is my joy." 
Dinner with the Thompsons-- the Canadian flag to top everything off 

Quote of the week: "The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even if we don't always succeed"

Love you all and have a wonderful week!

Sister King

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