Friday, October 7, 2016


Hello lovely family!

So seriously get ready for the craziest story ever. The subject was not a typo... let's just say that this week the saying "goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" took on a whole new meaning.... Ha kind of a gross story, just warning you. But it turned out pretty cool.

She has an obsession with Elvis.

We woke up and there was this random poster outside of our apartment. We aren't complaining though.
 #yoda #yodalicious

So. On Tuesday literally ALL of our appointments fell through. It was pretty hard. So we decided that we would stop by this less active that we had been trying to meet with for a while. She was home, so we went in and met with her and shared a little message with her. While we were in there we noticed that there were these little red bugs crawling ALL OVER our legs... so gross. They were literally all over the apartment as well. So we made our visit a quick one then scurried on out of there. From her apartment to the car we were shaking out all of our clothes to make sure we didn't have any of the bugs with us, cause I was fairly certain that they were bed bugs... unfortunately I was correct... We talked with Sister Miles on the phone and she had us immediately go and wash all of our clothes and shower and everything just to be safe. So we did.

Waiting in the Laundromat

A bedbug :(
When you find out you have bed bugs so you take your second shower of the day and kick Satan in the boat and choose to be happy instead of upset about that fact that your place is now infested with bed bugs :)

Next day we woke up and Sister Barlow had a couple bites on her leg. Oh no... So we talked to Sister Miles and we had to wash all of our bedding and our clothes. We had to go to the laundromat and ended up spending lots of our day there. We were in the back studying our scriptures when all of a sudden we both got this craving for pizza.. Super weird, right? 

Luckily there was a Little Caesars right next to the laundromat, so that's where we headed. When we came back into the laundromat there were 2 guys in the front eating pizza as well-- they said that we should just join them. So we did. Long story short,  we ended up teaching them the first lesson. They have been trying to find a church that they want to go to and have just been exploring their options. PERFECT right? So we were like "that's literally what we do. just teach people about our church." So we ended up setting up a return appointment with them and we actually met with them on Thursday!! How neat is that? Their name's are Jody and Ammon and they're roommates. We call them our infestigators... too good right? So that was super cool because the day was starting out to be super crumby but apparently,  it was bed bugs that had to get us to find these two.  Ha as for the whole bug situation, our whole house and car are being fumigated tomorrow. Ha so that is just dandy. But It'll be great, the bugs will be gone.

This is Yee and Meow. They own the laundromat that we went to.
Got to know them real well cause we were there almost the whole day :)

Ha anyway... wasn't conference just the best thing of your entire life?!? I seriously loved it so much! Literally loved every single talk, but I think that the one that really stood out to me the most was President Nelson's. Men are that they might have joy. It's so true. I feel like just being on the mission I have really seen how life can be pretty hard sometimes, but it makes it so much harder when you don't choose to be happy. Choosing to be happy sounds so simple but it's so dang hard. When we focus on the Savior we will be able to find that happiness that we are looking for-- even when times are difficult. He also mentioned that us missionaries aren't out here just to make our number in the church bigger-- we are out here to bring more joy to the world. I have the biggest testimony of that. Seeing someone embrace the gospel is great but it's that happiness that they have which makes it totally worth it.
We watched priesthood session during our dinner at Sister Leonard's house. We had this yummy Indian food.

Our lovely zone

Our lovely zone

I just loved conference a lot and there is too much to say about it. I'm so grateful that we have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today. 

Love you all very much!! Hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did. And remember, don't let the bed bugs bite :)

Scripture of the week: Romans 8:37 We are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

Quote of the week: "He is perfectly positioned to lift us and give us the strength we need to endure our afflictions. We have only to ask." - Elder Oaks

Have a fantastic week!! And good luck to Kathryn and Trevor :)

Sister King

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