Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Hello hello.

So this week went not quite as planned... 
Wednesday-- the day of MLC I woke up with the flu. So unfortunately I had to stay at a members home for the whole day while Sister Shields went to that. It was pretty tough but everything happens for a reason right? I was super pumped to go to that but luckily the Bauers were kind enough to be so sweet to me and treat me like their own-- they really were so sweet :)

Anyway, on a more positive note we saw oh so many miracles this week! Like it was crazy! Tuesday we felt prompted to go see our investigator Jasmyne, we showed up and she was so excited to see us. She said that she had prayed that we would show up. She completely opened up to us about everything that she has going on in her life-- she is just amazing. She got diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago and now her whole left side of her body is paralyzed. But she somehow is still the most positive person I have ever met. She says that she still has 50% of her body that works and she is grateful for it. I honestly can't even describe how optimistic she is about life, never have I ever met someone with that much faith. And she is on date for baptism! So we're pretty pumped about that.

Okay I just have to tell about the weekend that we had. It'll blow your mind. So on Saturday we just saw so many miracles. We were able to do some service for a ton of non members! And they were all so grateful! Ha none of them were interested but they said that they were going to tell all of their friends about us and took our card to give to someone else. Man we must have raked those leaves real good (ha I got good practice from dad), but anyway. We had an appointment fall through. It was 8:00 and TBH gets kinda sketch at night so we didn't really know what to do. We pulled over and said a prayer about where we should go. Then we counted down from 3 and said where we both felt we should go. We both said Marda Loop-- ha so we went there. We were walking the streets and nothing really turned out to be happening. But we knew that we were sent there for a reason. So we just kept going. It's almost time for us to be home so we started to head back to the car. We see one last person before we got to our car so we just had to talk to him. He was on a bike but we just started talking to him. He saw our nametags and asked us about Jesus Christ and if we had anything to tell him to restore his faith. Ha we said "of course we do, we're missionaries. That's what we do." So he asked us right then and there to teach him a lesson. We both felt prompted to talk about the Plan of Salvation. He went on to open up about his life and all the hard things that he has been through (which are so so many) and that he didn't feel like anybody loved him. He even told us that he was thinking about killing himself... We shared our message with him and told him to come to church.

Sunday rolls around and he didn't show up to church, we were pretty bummed. But when we got out of church we checked the phone and he had sent us this crazy long text about how he had come to church but he was overcome with the spirit and he was too afraid to come inside but he also went on to tell us that he was going to kill himself but that we were an answer to his prayer. He didn't believe that there was a God there because of all the hard things that he has been through but he prayed one last time and then we bumped into him. He said that now he knows that there is a God and we're meeting with him tomorrow. BOOM how crazy is that?!? Seriously revelation is so real. I know that God needed us there at that point in time to be there for Adam. God is so great! I'm so happy that I get to be a part of this amazing work and to just let people know that there is hope and that there is someone who loves them. It was a huge testimony builder for me that's for sure!

So ya, miracles are happening. God is leading us to where we need to be.
Anyway, there's my little moment of the week. I hope that you all are doing great! How is it the middle of October already? The time is just flying by. 

Also want to give a personal shoutout to Kathryn and Trevor-- good luck with the wedding this week. Love you both!

Scripture of the week: D&C 93:46-- I called you servants for the world's sake, and ye are their servants for my sake.

Quote of the week: "He who created us and who loves us perfectly knows just how we need to live our lives in order to obtain the greatest happiness"

Love you all!

Sister King :)

Sister Miles encourages 5 minute breaks every once in a while...
we found this swing and took a wonderful 5 minute break.
 the Myers-- just love them...

Met these random guys on the street and they wanted to take a pic, so we did.

When it's late night and freezing (we were mimicking the dogs on the poster behind us)

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