Monday, March 13, 2017

Crazy busy in Taber


So I can honestly say this week I have been the most tired of my entire mission... ha but also I've been the happiest too. Funny how that works. But ya, this week was jam packed full of lots of fun stuff! And we are having some investigators that are really progressing, so that is awesome as well.

 On Tuesday we had dinner out in Vauxhall with one of our Mennonite investigators and his girlfriend in our ward.  We had dinner then taught the Plan of Salvation-- that went really well! One thing that I noticed is that we have been teaching that lesson a TON and yet every time I teach it is reconfirmed to me just how true it is. So that was pretty fun.

Plus the Young Men in our ward organized a basketball night with the Sister Missionaries-- so we played ball with all the young men in our ward-- obviously me and Sister Sims gave them a run for their money, it was really fun.

We had zone conference this week and that was stellar. We talked a lot about getting the youth involved and how we need to try real hard with the young single adults and try to teach them right now. It was pretty cool. Plus we had a really good discussion on the Atonement. We all read Elder Maxwell's talk Testifying of the Great and Glorious Atonement. That is a great talk, I would highly suggest reading it. Ha me and Sister Sims had to train as well-- that went well. We got to talk about planning.... ha my favorite thing. No but it did go really well.

The rest of the week was pretty crazy. We had to get our car fixed and right after zone conference we did exchanges. We had the sisters from Brooks with us, we brought them both to our area-- which is super fun but also lots of work cause we pretty much have to plan for another day here in Taber Town, but it went well. We had some really good lessons and had lots of fun. Right after our exchange with the Brooks Sisters we headed to Lethbridge for exchanges with some Sisters there. That was awesome!! I got to go with Sister Frandsen and it was pretty much the best thing of my entire life. So get this, we went to a baptism on Saturday and I walked in and saw Liz... girl that I was working with in Lethbridge. She hasn't been having a real hard time lately but she felt like she needed to go to this random baptism... She ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug and started crying. It was the best day ever. So I got to talk to her about life and everything, just the best! Love that lady, tender mercies are so real!

We were able to take Helena on a church tour this week as well. That was awesome! She's been taught by missionaries for a while but has never been able to be inside of an LDS church... she ended up bringing all of her kids and we walked around and it was great. We had a little lesson in the chapel about what the sacrament is and that was the most quiet I have ever seen those kids be. They all said that it felt peaceful in there. Then, the little 5 year old asked "Is this how the temple feels?"... oh it was golden. The Spirit was so strong. I love that family so much. So ya, this week was real good.

 Daylight savings was killer... ha especially cause Sister Sims got a little confused. She woke up at 4:30 and started getting ready. It was hilarious. ANYWAYYY.  Life is good. I love it here and the time is flying by way too fast.

 Love you all and hope that you all have a great week :)

 Scripture of the week: D&C 6:13 If thou wilt do good, yea, and hold out faithful to the end, thou shalt be saved in the kingdom of God, which is the greatest of all the gifts of God; for there is no gift greater than the gift of salvation.

 Quote of the week: "Don't give up when the pressure mounts. Face your doubts. Master your fears." -Elder Holland

Sister King

 ps I would read D&C section 6. It's killer :)

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