Monday, March 21, 2016

1 Month Down!


Boy oh boy this week has seriously flown by!
This week has definitely been full of ups and downs... like a lot of both.
Monday was a really good day! We had this really fun Potluck dinner with our YSA ward. So much fun!
On Tuesday we had Zone training meeting (ZTM) and that was super awesome. Our zone is fantastic, just wanna be like all of them! We also went to this really good steak house for lunch to celebrate Elder Wimber's birthday. That was so much fun! That day we pretty much just went around contacting this list of less actives that our Bishop gave us. We have about 350 member in our YSA ward and about 50 of them show up on Sunday... so that list is pretty dang long. But we get to talk to a bunch of young adults which is still really fun.
This night was also super awesome because we had a great lesson with our investigator. He pretty much knows that the church is true and that it will bless him and his family but he has a hard time keeping commitments. His daughter just got her mission call though and I think that since he has seen that he is getting a little more motivated to keep his commitments. He told us that he was going to read and pray every day!  We meet with him next week so we'll see how that goes.
We also met with our other investigator (the one that bore her testimony in church) and she is progressing so fast! We put her on date for April 16! So that was probably the spiritual high for this week.  She is just so ready to hear the gospel and has so many questions!
Wednesday is always one of my favorite days because who doesn't love waffle Wednesday?!? Every Wednesday we get to make waffles for the institute students and just talk with them. We get to play them in ping pong and pool and stuff so that's way fun. It's really awesome because it's so casual so nonmembers come quite frequently. We met this super awesome guy from Kenya and he agreed to take the lessons. Our dinner on Wednesday was great. We ate with this cute family in the ward.  They have had such a hard life and they just told us like their whole story. They had a girl with special needs that passed away 6 years ago... that hit me really hard because of the special place in my heart for kids with disabilities. But we left them with a message that I hope helped them: The new Mormon message that the church came out with. If you haven't seen it go watch it right now and put it all over facebook and just share it with everyone. EVERYONE deserves to know that they can be with their family again! So just go and share it please!

Thursday was pretty great as well (CELEBRATED MY 1 MONTH MARK) so crazy, I've been out for a month, that went by so fast!!!
 We had a bunch of people to teach, some of them fell through but that's just the life of a missionary. We did get a few referrals which is always great. But we got to go to 2 Relief Society parties for the March 17th party. Lots and lots of food, but also I really liked the program. They talked about how important Relief Society is and  it really is so great! I hear so many stories from mothers that just talked about how big of an influence their Relief Society was. And it's always just these little things. So everyone just try to find someone that might need a high five as you walk by, the little things like that can change someone's day completely.
Ha Friday was not our best day... but we survived. We got to go out to lunch with a bunch of high priests in our family ward. Ha they all have such fun stories to listen to, so that was pretty fun.
Not so fun fact of the week: Canada has normal cops AND photo cops. Seriously the worst. So after our lunch we got a call from the mission office (you never want to receive a call from the mission office)... Sister Blake got a ticket. She was so sad. There are also these school zones that are the worst and they always put photocops there to zing people. Dumb right? Anyway, so I am now the designated driver. Ha I still have no idea where anything is around here so this should be pretty interesting.
Saturday was awesome! We went to church with our friends from the Seventh Day Adventist church. It was really interesting to see how things were done there. It was pretty weird, not gonna lie. They like had this karaoke moment during the service. Ha I don't even know how to describe it. The one thing that I did notice was that our churches actually teach very similar things, but the spirit was not there. It made me so grateful that we have the spirit at our church meetings, you don't understand how strong the spirit is at church until you go to a church that the spirit just isn't there. For the rest of the day we just contacted some more people from our list.  The day went by pretty fast.

SUNDAY! Oh man I was so glad to go to church. Just being able to take the sacrament every week is the biggest blessing.  Don't take that for granted! It is awesome! Our investigators came to church and that always makes my day.
All in all this week has been kinda crazy, but the church is still true!! Hope you all have a fantastic week! Please share that message, it helps us missionaries out so much because we don't have social media to put it on.
Love you all,
Sister King

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