Monday, March 28, 2016


Hey family!

This week definitely had it's ups and downs, ha the ups were very up and the downs were very down...

Monday was crazy as usual. We met with this new investigator, Karen, and she is the sweetest! She was a referral from our Bishop (yay for member missionary work!) So that was pretty fun. That night for FHE we got to go play soccer and rugby with the YSA people. That was so much fun, yes I did play and yes I was wearing a dress. The weather here has been kinda psycho too... it was ridiculously cold on Monday night. But we endured for the sport.
Tuesday was one of those "down" days. We started the week with 3 investigators on date and for some reason they all wanted to drop us... so sad. We were cleaning our car and our really progressing investigator texted us and said that she was going to go back to her Catholic religion. Never have I ever been so sad! Then our other investigator decided that he couldn't decide between our religion and his E Free one... so he decided to take a break. Another blow... Then our other one on date we actually found out that she isn't in our area... so 3-0 real quick. That was probably one of the hardest things because they all have such strong testimonies and they were all really progressing towards baptism and I was super excited to be able to see them take that step, but I guess that's just the life of a missionary. 
But let me tell you, sometimes when you feel like God is closing doors, He is actually just opening doors that we couldn't even imagine could be opened. We went to our investigator that isn't technically in our area and she told us that she would prefer us to teach her. YAY, so we are in the process of getting that all worked out. Then when we got home we called the other 2 and they had apparently heard some things about our church that were not true whatsoever and it scared them away. Ha someone told our investigator, Kayla, that Mormons can't go to school dances.   Like what?!?  So we cleared up both of their questions and they agreed to continue working with us! So that was exciting.
Wednesday was just fantastic! We had Zone Conference out in Magrath (Sister Blake's old area) HOLY SMOKES! Zone Conferences are the bomb!  The day before we were feeling kinda crumby but we talked about the Atonement and trained on how we can simplify our teaching. IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO HERE! THE ATONEMENT IS SO REAL! President and Sister Miles are legitimately the best people on the face of the planet, seriously just love them. And having a testimony meeting with all the missionaries in our area was one of the best experiences of my life. Going to that definitely gave me that fire to just go out and teach everybody!

Thursday was pretty hard because me and Sister Blake have both been battling really bad colds that we're still trying to get over. But the work still goes on. We met with a bunch of less actives and did our first tracting. We tracted this whole apartment complex and that was really fun! I was surprised by how many people were willing to listen to what we have to say (this church must be true or something) but ya that was really fun!
Friday was just a really slow and long day. We had a bunch of appointments set up and they all bailed on us... that's dumb right? So that was really hard because we were both just still stoked from zone conference and we had nobody to teach. We went and just visited with some members and less actives. Later that night the STL's came over and we started our exchanges. I got to go with Sister Larsen out to Taber, it's like 35 minutes from our area.

ha the Andersons always take a "family pic" with any missionary that comes to their home

in action teaching a Mennonite family some primary songs

The sky goes on for miles!!!
Exchanges with Sister Larsen
Saturday was so much fun! We got to teach this super cute Mennonite family, and the cutest little old couple drove us there because it's kinda far from the area. Taber is just fantastic! Everyone is so friendly and it is so refreshing to look off into the distance and see nothing but fields and the sky for miles and miles! I do miss my mountains in Utah, but seeing nothing is pretty cool too. 
We knocked on some doors and met with some less actives there too. There are about 7500 people in Taber and they are all so stinking nice! I felt so welcome even though I was only there for the day. Plus later that night we got to watch Women's Conference! That was just the best thing, it was cool to have a meeting completely themed around service. HENRY B EYRING IS THE CUTEST! I just love that man, who wouldn't believe what he has to say?!? I loved to hear about love too, especially because I have learned to love the people of Lethbridge.  ha I don't know very many of them but I already just love them so much!
Sunday was really fun! We had to go back and forth from each of our wards but we stayed mainly in our Family ward. I am so grateful for the chance that I had to be a missionary on Easter. I had a completely different mindset. I did understand the importance of the Atonement but it's just different when you're a missionary, I have such a greater appreciation for the Savior and what he did for us. I read a talk by James E Faust and he said something that was really intriguing. He just asked himself "I wonder how many drops of blood were shed for me". I have been focusing on making the Atonement and that just hit me real hard, it's so true. Christ did what he did because He loves every single one of us! 

We took our lunch break in the car and just took a nap...
We got to have Easter dinner with the Francis family. Ha they are the greatest! Sister Francis is like my mom away from my mom. She did a great job of making us feel like her own kids. It was just a fun night with them. We also got to go dye eggs with this cute little girl in our ward. Her name is Abby and she is only 10.   Ha plus I got to dye eggs for the first time in my life. Who knew that I would go clear out to Canada to dye eggs for the first time. But it was really fun!
That was a great way to end Easter Sunday.

I love you all and the church is true. I would challenge you all to read President Faust's talk on the Atonement and try to figure out what you can do to make the Atonement more personal.
Yes, we did indeed get matching pj's from walmart...

Have a fantastic week!

Sister King :)

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