Monday, March 7, 2016

MTC Ya Later!


I didn't get to email last week so I'm sorry if this email is really long and very jumbled, I just have so much to say!
First of all, the MTC was fabulous! I absolutely loved my district and my companion. That was an awful goodbye, and now we're in different countries so that's cool... 
Sister Carlson and Sister King

Anyway, so on Tuesday at about 2:45 am we woke up and said goodbye to our other sisters :( Then we got ready ourselves and headed to the front runner at about 4:00... ya that early, but we were all pumped so you would have thought it was 2 in the afternoon, or a gong show (that's Canadian for party). 
We had a layover in Seattle for a little and as we were there a few of us talked to this guy in the airport that came up to us and asked who we were and long story short he left with a Book of Mormon in his hand... MISSIONARY WORK IS REAL! So that was real exciting for all of us. We touched down in Canada in early afternoon then had to wait at immigration for like 3 hours #patienceisavirtue
 BUT right after that we got to meet President and Sister Miles!! They are so awesome. I've decided that they would be translated if it weren't for the fact that they're Ute fans... so I'm working on that.  Don't worry Dad , I told him that I am loyal, strong and true! They really are fantastic, and they're like our family! They love sports and the outdoors and hunting, pretty much everything that we like to do as a family, so we get along real well. 
We slept at the mission home with all the sisters. There were 12 of us sisters and 6 Elders. The next day we had a devotional.  I had to play the piano so thanks Mom,  for having me take piano cause that's gonna come in real handy! 
We then went to the Stake Center where we got to read off where we're going to serve and who our trainer is, and... my first area is LETHBRIDGE! I guessed it so President owes me Subway, awesome. And more importantly, I was praying real hard for a wonderful trainer and guys,  God answers prayers!!! 

The wind here is Cray Cray!

So this is Leth Bridge!
MY first companion is Sister Blake and she is the best person in the entire world! Seriously, I've only known her for not even a week and we get along so well and she's the best missionary! She has moved around a lot.  She's lived in Utah, California and now her family lives in Arizona. But she goes to BYU so I'll get to see her when I get back! YAY! This week has been packed.  They just throw you right into the work. I didn't unpack or go to the apartment.  We went straight to a lesson with an inactive, which went great! The people here are very nice! We have dinners galore! I don't think that there will be a night that we don't have a dinner lined up.  The first night we ate with the Francis' and they are fabulous! Also, the food here is awesome too. 
My trainer, Sister Blake, and me
Lots of the work here is getting less actives to come to church. However this week has been extremely awesome. Since I have been here we have picked up 3 new investigators that are super interested in the church! We also get to meet with a recent convert that got baptized last week. Whoever told me that the work here is slow is completely wrong! If you work hard you can get stuff done! And that's what we've been doing. We've taught like 10 lessons since I've been here, thrown a baby shower (details later), had church, visited less actives, sang some songs to some members in the hospital and read the book of Isaiah with an older women in our ward, we are definitely busy but I love it so much! 

Ok, so on Saturday we helped throw a baby shower (had no idea that is what I signed up for) but regardless it was so much fun. There were about 20 people that cam to the church for the shower, and they all happened to not be LDS. We're really sneaky and held it at the church so that they would ask questions... Which they did. They all belong to this religion called Seventh Day Adventists. So we got to share our testimony with them about our church and they were taking it really well. And then at the end of the night they wanted to convert us... but that ain't gonna happen! So they pretty much started bible bashing us, which is awesome because our church is awesome. And it was hilarious!
Yesterday was fantastic! We had an investigator show up and guess what... we were just sitting there listening to the testimonies when she asked us if you had to be a member to share something, so she got up and bore her testimony! Like what?!? It was awesome, she talked all about how she felt like she was missing something in her life and how the church made her feel good. Luckily the whole meeting ended up being themed around us Sister Missionaries, which was perfect for her! So we scheduled a return appointment with her, the spirit works people!
Oh ya, so we serve in 2 wards. The Chinook family ward and the London Road YSA ward, and they are both awesome. The family ward is one of those "newly wed or nearly dead" wards but we get the YSA ward too, so we get to hang with a bunch of people our age as well. 
Pretty much I'm just loving everything here so far. Sister Blake and I are really working hard and getting stuff done. One thing that we're working on is gaining the trust of the ward members again. Apparently the Sisters that were here earlier just weren't the best. Ya we'll go with that. But Sister Blake said that yesterday everyone was so nice and supportive of us, so that is great!
Ha I know this is long and you probably got bored and I feel like I left so much out, but the gist of it is that the work here is good and I am great! I love being a missionary and sharing what makes me happy. Everyone go share something about the gospel with someone, seriously anyone. Our purpose as a missionary is to invite others to come unto Christ. They can be members or non members but anyone can be a missionary!

I seriously love and miss you all so much, but don't worry about me out here. I'm doing fantastic!

Sister King

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