Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My First Street Contact

Hey Family!
This week was absolutely awesome! Last week was pretty hard to beat, but this week was still great! 
First of all,  for FHE on Friday we were going to go and clean up all the trash everywhere (the wind here is crazy so there is trash literally everywhere) but it got too dark too fast so instead we played basketball with all our YSA people. That was really fun! There's this kid named Peter that played at the University here for 4 years and now he coaches and apparently he thinks he's all that, so the first thing that Sister Blake does is challenge me and him to a 3 point competition.  HAHA bread and butter right there.  Pleased to say that I was on fire and I destroyed him. Plus I was in a dress so that was pretty cool.

Tuesday was great as well. We had District Training meeting and went out to lunch with our district. That was really fun, I'm really starting to get along with my whole district, they're all so great! 
After lunch we met with one of our investigators (remember the girl that came to church and bore her testimony?) Well she is super solid. We taught her the first lesson and she was just eating it up! I'm really excited to teach her tomorrow. It just goes to show you that the Lord is preparing the hearts of His children to be ready to hear the gospel.  We're just the lucky people that get to deliver the message. We also met with a few less actives.  I love doing that! Our YSA ward has about 300 members in it... we get about 50 people that show up on a regular basis, so we're really starting to pick that up.
Wednesday was just the same old same old. People were canceling appointments left and right which is super frustrating, but somehow Sister Blake and I can still get through the day with a smile on our face. We really do have so much fun together which makes the work (or lack thereof) a lot easier. 

Thursday it was a little harder to go out because Wednesday was so crumby, but if you have faith the Lord will provide.  Listen to this! So we went to the hospital for our first visit with this lady. She has diabetes and she's blind and has been in the hospital for 7 weeks! We went in and started with the first point of the first lesson (God is our loving Heavenly Father) and then she talked about how she had attended a few of her niece's baptisms and how she has had 7 weeks to reflect on her life... then  Sister Blake and I felt impressed to ask her to be baptized, SHE ACCEPTED! So we put her on date for April 23. That was such a tender mercy for us!  We were really discouraged because of the day before but it was all worth it to find her. So excited!

Friday we were still on a spiritual high from the day before so that was really good. We had some really good lessons with some less actives and another good lesson about the restoration with an investigator. Also, so we have the worst car in our mission. We have this huge mini van (the swaggar wagon) that doesn't have a USB so we have had 0 music to listen to these past couple days and on Friday our investigator that is really good with technology made us some bomb CDs. So grateful! and he agreed to come to church, so even better!
Saturday was such a solid day. So our Family Ward is trying real hard to have more unity and to embrace the whole "every member a missionary" thing, so this guy in our ward owns this movie theater and we did a free movie for families in our ward and anyone they wanted to invite. We ended up getting like 30 people there that were nonmembers! Very successful! We got to mingle with everyone there and that was really fun. The rest of the day was just average, we were bummed that night because of daylight savings...
Ya, daylight savings was killer. Sister Blake accidentally set the alarm for 2 hours early. So we woke up at about 4:30. Let's just say that Sunday was really good but the longest day of my entire life! We had 2 Ward councils and ward conference. Ward conference with our family ward was actually really good. Stake President Maclennan is so awesome! He is seriously just great. The sacrament meeting was so great. Ha we sat in front of this really cute kid and like every 3 minutes he would yell "THE HOLY GHOST!" and he was right, the spirit was there hard core! 
My favorite thing about ward conference was that Sister Blake and I got to go into the Primary and talk to all the kids about missionary work. We gave them all a little pass along card and they were all so excited to hand them out. Member missionary work is real and it makes our job so much easier! So please pray for a missionary experience! It's so great! 
One other thing that was really fun was that we were driving along and there was this little black girl with hot pink hair that was dancing and singing and just looking so happy. So Sister Blake made me get out of the car and talk to her. My first street contact! It went really well and I told her all about what made me happy.. it was great!
My first street contact
The work here is great! Sister Blake is such a hard worker and it is rubbing off on me.
Fun fact of the week: Tanner Linford (from the Voice) is serving in the Canada Calgary Mission.
Anyway, love you all!!! The church is true!

Sister King :)

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