Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Cana dad's day!

Hello!! First of all, dad-- HAPPY DAD'S DAY!! I love you so much!

This week has been awesome! Sister Burnside is just the best! She was doing a lot better this week. Throughout the day I've been trying so hard to just keep her busy so she can't think about home... so that's really good. But night time and the mornings are pretty hard. But she is so strong and has so much faith so that is good. She is definitely helping my testimony grow. 

Nothing super crazy happened this week. Just an awesome week of being a missionary. We had some great lessons with some less actives in our family ward. This one girl, Des, she has such a strong testimony but her health isn't all there and she is a heavy smoker. We had a lesson with her this week and I don't know what it is but the spirit was so strong! She was just bawling the whole time and at the end of the lesson I felt like I should ask her if she wanted a priesthood blessing-- I had asked her that maybe 3 times before and she always just flat out said no... but this time it was different. She sat there for like 2 minutes in silence and just weeping. Then she said "yes I think it's time." BOOM-- spirit was hecka strong! So crazy! So we are really excited about that.

We also had a super solid lesson with the Thompsons. They are this cute old couple that have lots and lots of health challenges but the are just so adorable! We taught them the plan of salvation and they just ate it up. They told us that they would be at church on Sunday (ha we told them we were teaching Gospel Principles just to give them a little more incentive... but hey it worked!) Ken was able to make it to church however Linda was sick so she couldn't make it. bummer. We're going to meet with them this upcoming week and that should be really good. 

We also had a fabulous lesson with Justin and Judith. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went so well. They are reading the Book of Mormon and loving it. They are hard core Catholics so I feel like the Book of Mormon is going to be the main thing that will help in their conversion. But they are just so awesome! 

We also were able to meet with this lady named Frankie. I don't know if I have said anything about her but she has such a cool story! She is 89 years old and living in Magrath. Her baptism was scheduled for May 12 but for some reason she felt like she should move it 2 weeks earlier-- the spirit is real. She got baptized and then the day after she had a stroke and is now in St. Michael's, this old folks home, so we get to teach her the recent convert lessons. She is adorable and I'll try to take a picture with her the next time we have a lesson with her. But how cool is that? Baptized 2 weeks earlier then having a stroke... amazing!

We also did exchanges at the end of this week. I stayed in Lethbridge with Sister Trimble and Sister Burnside went out to Taber with Sister Brown. Ha not gonna lie totally had separation anxiety from my little baby. Missed her a lot. Sister Trimble is the cutest though! We had a really good time while she was here! 

Yesterday I thought that I was going to be super homesick but prayers are answered and we were so busy that I really didn't have time to think about home. Also, Alex received the priesthood yesterday! Ha when we were in sacrament meeting and Bishop asked for "those in favor of this ordination" ... or whatever he said my hand went straight up. It was so fun! Our little teddy bear is growing up and getting the priesthood and stuff. So proud! He also is going to get his temple recommend sometime soon so that will b e super exciting-- we might be able to go with him to the temple! 
But don't worry Papa King-- last night we took a couple minutes before bed and just talked about our fathers. I really lucked out that's for sure!

Anyway, this week was great! I love all the people here in Lethbridge and I'm so happy that I get to stay here for another 3 months with Sister Burnside. Things are looking up and the work is great! 
Thought of the week: "you were given this life because you were strong enough to live it." -Neal A. Maxwell

Love you all, 
Sister King
 Everything is turning green! So so pretty. The fields go on for days!

This is Juno... a family in our ward let us take a family picture with her... the second sweetest dog in the world (behind Sadie obvi)

Washing the car for car inspections-- we passed, don't even worry!

So our apartment is a freakin meat locker! So so cold! Just doing our 12 week but all bundled up!

Where would we be in life without gross selfies?

When you get a 10 on housing inspections #crushedit

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