Monday, June 27, 2016

Calga-rainy days!

HELLO!!! How in the world is it already Pday?!? This week has literally flown by!

Rain for dayzzzz!

We had so many great lessons this week! We had a bomb lesson with this guy named Brian. He is one of Alex's friends and he has dread locks and he's just super cool. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he just ate it all up. The fact that we get to share this message with people who have never heard it before is crazy! Like not knowing why we are here on earth and where we go after we die-- we are so so lucky that we have the knowledge that we will see our loved ones after we die and that there is life after death. It's been very humbling to teach it to people that have no idea... don't take that knowledge for granted! 

We also were able to meet with this former investigator. Her name is Mavis and she is adorable! She's like 75 and she is such a go getter. She has a huge garden in her backyard so we're going to help her with that. She has the most amazing backyard. I'll be sure to send a picture the next time we are over there. 
We picked up a new gator this week! Her name is Karen and she has been taught by so many missionaries but we stopped by this week and she said that she wanted us to come back and teach her some more. SCORE! She is super awesome, but also super old. Ha lots of the people that we are teaching are like pretty old-- but hey we love the old people!

We had a bunch of lessons with less actives this week. But that is super awesome! We also did a fair amount of tracting this week. Ha and of course the day that we chose to do it was the day that it decided to down pour. But tracting in the rain is actually like super fun! Everything is so green and pretty and people are a lot nicer to you if you're out in the rain. 

We had this really cool lesson with our less active Desiray. We have met with her a bunch and this past time she asked if she could have a priesthood blessing to help her stop smoking. We called a guy in the ward to come and it turns out that he used to be a very heavy smoker... so we definitely called him because of inspiration. It was such a powerful lesson and she is doing so good! 

Ha so we met with this girl named Notando. She just moved into our ward and she has got to be the coolest person in the entire world. She is from Zimbabwe and speaks 5 languages. One of them is that cool language where you just hear a bunch of clicks... ha it's so sick! 

Justin (Judith's brother) came to church yesterday. So that was probably the highlight of our week. He and Judith are doing really well and we'll meet with them again this week and hopefully help them progress even more. I just love this! There is so much going on and even when our appointments fall through (saturday we had 5 fall through) the Lord still provides and we find productive things to do. Sorry if this email is like super jumbled but it was such a good week for us gingers here in Lethbridge... I guess you could say that the work is on fire ;)

Anyway, love you lots and hope that you all have a fantastic week! This gospel is so true and sharing it with people everyday is the coolest experience of my entire life!

Sister King
 This is what happens when the zone leaders do car inspections and you leave your camera in the car. (Elder Henry and Elder Pervis)

We met this super sweet lady named Carol, and she crocheted us these adorable matching beanies!

We went to a Ladie's Luncheon (all the older ladies in our ward get together once a month) and this is Sister Spencer. No joke, she reminds me EXACTLY of Grandma King and she looks like Great Grandma Shaum!

This is Dwight. Every once in a while we will go and sing some songs to him. He has MS but still has the strongest testimony-- love him!

So apparently there's something wrong with Canada... they don't have Capri Suns! And who knew that I would miss them so much. haha so a member went down to the states and brought some back for me :)

Sister Hansen-- the lady we read the bible with on Sundays. We finished reading Isaiah and I went to give her a high 5 and she had never done one before... haha so I taught her what it was and gave her her first high five.

NOTANDO!!! (also have you heard the song Bailando? Cause every time I hear her name I sing it to that song)

It was such a good week for us gingers here in Lethbridge... I guess you could say that the work is on fire ;)

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