Monday, June 6, 2016


Holy smokes! This week was just jam packed I don't even know where to start!

Okay, so lately we have been really trying to find some service opportunities and this girl told us that she needed some volunteers at this Alzheimer's awareness fundraiser. We thought to ourselves "this is perfect!" So we show up all ready to serve and she tells us that we will be in mascot costumes taking pictures will a bunch of kids... hahaha so that was pretty fun. Who knew that I would be a mascot as part of my mission, so funny! 

Service... it gets really hot and stinky in those costumes by the way.

We also got to meet with the Syrian family. Literally every time we meet with them I am just completely humbled! They have so many stories and it is so fun to be able to hear all about their culture. Also, at the end of the day on Wednesday I got a phone call from the APs. Starting on Wednesday I will be training a new missionary... literally any emotion you can think of I have felt. I am super excited but also so so nervous! Ha I'm still a little baby missionary and now I'm training. It's crazy! But I know that the Lord will help me. 

Our Syrian friends
When I got my training call I was super nervous so Sister Blake got me flowers... love her.

So on Friday I went up to Calgary with Sister Taylor for trainers. That was really fun to see everyone. Apparently there is a big group of missionaries coming out this transfer. Plus there are 7 of us training that came out with me, so that put my mind at ease a bit. The APs and President did the training and it just made me more excited and more nervous! So we'll see what happens this upcoming week. 

 Stuck in traffic on the way to Calgary with Sister Taylor


The best part of the week was definitely Saturday. The zone leaders had a baptism in the morning so we brought Alex so that he could see how it went, and he was so excited! ALEX'S BAPTISM WAS THE BEST THING OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!! First of all, there were so many people there. And about 1/4 of them were nonmembers! Shane was the first to speak and there was not a dry eye in the place that's for sure. He talked all about how life is going to be hard but that when Alex looks back at this moment all throughout his life-- when he kneels in the temple to be sealed to his wife, and when he holds his first baby and  know that he's going to raise it in the gospel he's going to look back on this moment in his life and say to himself "this is all worth it" Needless to say we were bawling. Right after that me and Sister Blake had the musical number. Ha I had to play the piano and I couldn't see the sheet music very well cause my eyes were full of water, but it went great! There was such a sweet spirit that was there the entire time! 
Shane and Alex-- best friends for forever and now Shane got to baptize his best friend

Alex was beaming he was so happy... ha and we didn't have the heart to tell him about the no hugging rule....

After the actual baptism Alex spoke. Okay the water works came again. He and Shane had gone to the temple visitor's center the day before his baptism and he talked all about how strong the spirit was and how excited he is to one day go into the temple. That was neat for us missionaries to hear because that is our ultimate goal with our investigators, not just to baptize them but to get them to the temple. Alex's whole family was there and we got to talk to them for a bit and we also talked to Alex's friends that were there and we even set up an appointment for later that day with one of his nonmember friends named Brian. This baptism was probably the strongest I have felt the spirit thus far on my mission, and it made me so excited to know that this is what my mission is all about. Bringing people to Christ and seeing the happiness that comes from that. Alex was beaming!! 

Our zone was able to go see a fireside where Larry Gelwix (Forever Strong rugby coach) spoke to us... that was a great fireside!

The confirmation was just as cool yesterday. Shane confirmed him and it is so bitter sweet because Shane is actually on his way to Utah right now-- he goes into the MTC on Wednesday. So he got to baptize his best friend and then go serve the Lord for 2 years. 
Honestly I am just so happy that I get to be a missionary and have these cool experiences and see how the gospel really can change lives. I know that it's changing mine. I love being a missionary!! :)

Love you all so much! This gospel is so true!

Sister King

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