Monday, April 3, 2017

It's a Ho King Thing!

HELLOOOOO lovely people!!

So yes, transfers happened this week and "I have a feeling we're not in Taber anymore"

Betty Moline and Barb Pierson

The Roberts family

Zuidhof's-- I already miss them A TON!! like it's ridiculous

Good ole Mother and Father Tanner. I wouldn't let just anyone do this to me...
but they are the exception.

The Andersons. Aka Grandma and Grandpa Canada.
Did I mention that he made me a rocking chair? cool hey?

Ma girl Amber Jensen


Sister Robison

Sister Poll

Elder Misiluki

Saying bye to Sister Sims... sad day

Sister Lane! She's replacing me in Taber... they got another redhead :)

Elder Rodriguez

Got to see ma girl Sister Taylor at transfers

Elder Henry-- served around him for a year of my mission. so that's chill.

So Sister Burnside is in my zone now. Is this the best day of my life? You betcha.

SISTER HO CHING!!! or should I say Sister Ho King? ;)


Jen Crowson-- my fav

Just a couple sisters that I came out with all at the transfer station

Ha nope, not even in the slightest. So I got transferred up to Fish Creek in Calgary. I'm pretty sure it's the Southwest. But my new comp is Sister Ho Ching (hence the Ho King... that's our companionship name)-- She's from American Samoa. Ya, there is an American Samoa and an Un-American Samoa... who knew?!? But she's great. She's been out for almost 8 months and she's just adorable!! We're serving in a YSA ward up here as well as a family ward. Lemme just say that being back in YSA has got to be like the weirdest transition ever. We had a ward talent show for the YSA ward on Friday and there was a room full of young people my age and I'm just awkward and don't know how to talk to people my own age... but give me an old lady and I can talk for forever!! Ha but it's all good. Our area is pretty big cause of the YSA ward-- we cover the whole stake :) yippee skippee.

But really I'm seriously so stoked about life right now. There is a TON of potential here and we're just so so excited to go out and find people to teach! We did have one investigator in our YSA come and watch conference with us and she's awesome. She is super involved in her own church but is wanting to learn more from us. So that was pretty fun. We also picked up a new gator this week. He is 18 and just has so many questions and it's awesome. We taught him the Plan of Salvation this last time and after watching conference I was just like "go watch the first session and it'll answer all your questions."

WASN'T CONFERENCE JUST THE BEST THING OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE?!? Cause it was for me. There was literally a talk directed towards investigators-- it was awesome!! Literally all the talks were just so good. Like all my questions got answered in the first session... and then it just got better and better from there. So much about the Plan of Salvation, the Godhead-- especially the Holy Ghost and not being fearful... ya know my favorite scripture D&C 6:36-- totally applies :)

I just love the spirit that comes from conference, it went by wayyyyy too fast. Can't wait to get the conference edition of the Ensign-- ha cause us missionaries got to wait for that and can't pull out a handy dandy phone and look it up. But ya, it was awesome. It's always good to remember that God's "work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." GOD WANTS US BACK!!! Hard times happen but Heavenly Father wants all of His children to make it home. 
Also, wasn't it just the best thing to be able to hear from President Monson?!? I love that man. He truly is called of God. He just keeps fulfilling his calling all the way to the end. 

One other thing that I especially enjoyed was how many times we heard the phrase/scriptures line upon line, precept upon precept... and brighter and brighter until the perfect day. That's what life is all about. Learning one step at a time, God wants us to learn but He's going to give us what we can handle when we can handle it. He's perfect. And as we strive to follow the Savior and "walk with Him" then one day... way way in the future we'll be able to be perfect too.

Our spirits are high and I am just so happy to be a missionary right now. We're also starting to share the new Easter message with people now-- if you haven't seen it go and watch it right now!! #PrinceofPeace don't you just love that word peace?!? Peace is exactly how I would describe the Savior and how you feel when you have Him in your life. There's so many people who don't have that peace in their life and I get to be out here 24/7 trying to bring people that peace. It's awesome!!

Ha sorry if you got bored but I'm just excited.

Life is good. God is good. Abby and Mom are in NYC. Pumped for Easter.

Love you lots!! Have a great week :)

Scripture of the week: John 3:16-- For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Quote of the week: (from conference yesterday) "TAKE THE MISSIONARIES SERIOUSLY!" -Joaquin E. Costa


Sister King 

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