Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It's a Great Day in the Kingdom!

Man this week has been a complete blur! Honestly can't even remember much of what we did, but we were very busy!

I'll just start with the most exciting news? Ya know Jacob? Well he is just awesome and always has these super intense, and deep questions.... like it's pretty ridiculous. But hey, the spirit always comes in clutch. But anyway, we met with him yesterday and that lesson was so bomb! WE PUT HIM ON DATE FOR JULY 22!!!! So crazy! It was seriously the best thing ever. We went over the plan of salvation and everything that we talked about last week then we just asked him questions. Just a whole lesson on asking him where he's at. It was so sick! He knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the church was restored through him, he knows all about Jesus Christ and he wants to be more like him. His only hang up is still with God, but he said that he was willing to show his faith and pick a day-- He knows that he's going to receive an answer before then. How sick is that?!? I'm just so pumped for him. That's just like the best thing about being a missionary-- it's literally a front row seat to see people change. Like our first lesson with Jacob I was scared, he's pretty intimidating, but as we continued to teach him you can see a physical change in him. It was just awesome.

Temple with Sabrina

Sister Ho Ching

Alfred, our investigator, made us each a cutting board with wood from Zambia

Exchanges with ma girl Sister Grange

Held a week old kitten

Ha I don't think that I have told you guys about Jody. She's one of our investigators that we started teaching like 3 weeks ago. Her husband is a member but he hasn't come to church in like 15 years. Oh and he's an ex-marine and is kinda super scary... ha but that's beside the point. We have been able to see some real miracles with them as of late. THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!! David hasn't even prayed in 15 years, then he told us of this amazing experience that he had the other day where he finally decided to pray and he knew that God was there. Now he will pray at the end of our lessons and he has been to church twice. CRAZINESS! And Jody is just golden. She got baptized 2 years ago as a Jehovah's Witness, but she felt like she wasn't really progressing at all. So she stopped going, and she literally just eats up everything that we teach her. 

This last lesson that we had we asked her to start praying about a date for baptism, and she told us that she would because she knew that when she picked a date that would show the Lord that she has faith that everything will work out... ha we just sat there like "ya, ha that's exactly why." So it has been amazing working with their family. They have 2 kids and they are just the sweetest little kids ever. They came to primary and got CTR rings and they refuse to let anything happen to them. Super cute!

But ya, our people are doing really good. We also had one of our less actives come to church on Sunday. She hasn't been to church in years and we met with her and she decided to come. And she brought her husband, who isn't a member. We're meeting with them tomorrow night so hopefully that will go well. Honestly it's kinda crazy the miracles that we are seeing. I love it. God is good.

Another amazing thing that happened this week. We were able to go to the temple with Sabrina. We had a ward temple trip and President Miles let us go with them cause Sabrina was going for the first time. BEST DAY EVER! Seriously, Sabrina is the sweetest. And it's always super cool cause obviously we have a goal to help people get baptized... but our real goal is to help people get to the temple. So that was super awesome. And she is just being the best little missionary ever. She wants us to teach a couple of her friends... SCORE! Love it!

Ha so we have to park our cars and walk one day a week, and this past week we chose Saturday. Worst decision of our entire lives. It has never rained so much! Ha but we had fun out in the rain. Fun fact: when you're in a YSA ward your area is HUGE!! Ha so walking is always a party. But anyway, it's a good thing that Sister Ho Ching is fun or that day would have been miserable.

Ha sorry this email is all over the place. But I guess to sum it all up I could just say that things are going peachy. Our wards are doing great, our people are doing great and I am having fun. That's really the gist of it. 
Hope that everything is going well at home, and that you all have an amazing week :) Love you lots!!

Scripture of the week: Matthew 19:26-- with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.
and another one cause scriptures are great:Jacob 5:75-- And blessed art thou; for because ye have been diligent in laboring with me in my vineyard, and have kept my commandments, and have brought unto me again the natural fruit, that my vineyard is nor more corrupted, and the bad is cast away, behold ye shall have joy with me because of the fruit of my vineyard.

Quote of the week: "Kindness is the essence of a celestial life. Kindness is how a Christ-like person treats others. Kindness should permeate all of our words and actions at work, at school, at church, and especially in our homes. Jesus, our Savior, was the epitome of kindness and charity." -Joseph B. Wirthlin

Love you lots!

Sister King

 ps It's a great day in the kingdom :)

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