Thursday, June 22, 2017


So again, this past week was a complete blur. 
Best news of the week!! Zeyu is back from China! We were able to meet with him on Wednesday and it was awesome. He is still SUPER interested in meeting with us and honestly has the most sincere desire I have ever seen. I would have to say that one of my favorite things is hearing investigators prayers... like they are literally the most genuine things ever. Zeyu said the closing prayer and you can tell that he just wants to know so bad that these things are true.

So this is what we did for the fathers in our ward. It's not a burger... it's a cupcake and a brownie. Mind blown.

Elder Murdock goes home tomorrow....​

My study desk-- Sister Rasmussen gave us fresh peonies.

Fish Creek park

 first fruit by the foot in 16 months

Amy Georgson... aka the best human being in the whole world. Celebrating her birthday with her.

The Young Men in our ward... they like us.

Just the greatest.

Our girl Sabrina

Yesterday we were able to meet with Jacob. That was an awesome lesson. We read with him the conference talk from October called The Soul's Sincere Desire. That's a real good talk, just saying. We talked lots about prayer and faith. That's one thing that he's been having a little problem with-- he thinks very logically, so we just had a real good discussion. Pretty solid. Ha another hard thing though-- every weekend, pretty much, he goes out to help his 105 year old grandma instead of coming to church... how do to tell someone "hey stop going to help your grandma and come to church." Ha but we did talk about the importance of it and that church is a good place to receive answers as well-- so he's coming to Stake Conference this week :)

Jody-- she's doing really well! We saw her on Thursday and we talked about the Restoration. It was so cute cause she was teaching her daughters what a prophet is and it was just adorable. So we're teaching her kids now too. Super awesome. We were also able to meet with her on Saturday where we taught the Word of Wisdom... not gonna lie that's always kind of a scary one to teach when you know that they are struggling with some of them. But when we were teaching she said that she would give up everything. She said that she knows the first week is going to be the hardest but it'll be worth it. MONEY! Seriously she's so golden!

Fun fact: we saw President on Friday and guess what! Sister Ho Ching is being transferred because she's going STL!!! So sad that she's leaving me going to bigger and better things but so so excited for her! Tonight we'll find out where she is going and who my new companion will be. Transfers are always crazy! The anticipation kills me. But it's all good-- luckily all of the sisters in our mission are amazing! Also-- on Thursday at transfers I will get to see Sister Liza Smith. So that'll be great. She comes in this transfer... so pumped!

Crazy to think that I have been set apart as a mission for 16 months! Sweet Sixteen!  Still can't really believe it. Time is literally flying by! 
Anywayyyy... life is good. Really good.

Scripture of the week: Mormon 1:7-- I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will.

Quote of the week: "Repentance is a continuing process i which each of us needs to draw on the Atonement for real relief, real forgiveness, and real progression." -Elder Maxwell

So ya, love you guys lots. Good luck with camp and the half marathon this week. Y'all are gonna kill it. And tell the Smith's that I will give a big hug to their daughter for them :)

Sister King :)

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