Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thank you for sending Sisters King and Ho Ching to serve in the Pine Creek YSA Ward

President Miles got this email from a bishop of a ward they are working in and he forwarded it to them :) :

Pres. Miles,

I just had to write and let you know how great Sis. King and Sis. Ho Ching are doing in our ward.  They have opened the blessings of heaven for sharing the gospel in our ward for which I am extremely grateful.  It's not often that I have seen such a dedicated companionship with enthusiasm, happiness and love that exudes from them.

They participate in our ward council and come prepared, with complete forms (yes last names of all investigators), ideas on how our ward council can best help.  They engage the ward missionaries (and me) in teaching lessons and they participate in our many YSA activities with non-members happy to see them and welcoming them.

Thank you for sending us these great sisters with the resulting blessings we are seeing and I thank the Lord for answering our prayers through them.

Bishop Greg Stringham
Pine Creek YSA ward

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